Another Mode of Transportation; The Future of Hyperloop

in Project HOPElast year

Currently, the fastest means of transportation remains the airplane. It take a plane 45 minutes to move from Lagos to Abuja but with the recent improvement in technology, companies like Virgin, Tesla and not Leaving Amazon are working on the Hyperloop. Virgin was the first company to take people on a hyperloop test ride.


Hyperloop will be regarded as the fastest means of transportation currently, as it can move for up to 172kn/h and it moved for 500 meter in 15 seconds at the Nevada test site, although this is not the optimum speed that an hyperloop can go wasn't completely met as the testing ground distance was very short. It is believed that Virgin hyperloop can go up to 1200km/h or 760 mile an hour. This is faster than an airplane and a journey of an hour by plane could be 30 minutes with Hyperloop.

With Hyperloop the speed is faster than a car because the two resistance that reduces a car speed have is friction and air resistance. The Loop is in a capsule/pod and it moves with magnetic force.

Elon Musk can be said to be the father of Loop, he talked about the loop in 2013 and since then the Loop has been a project to be worked on. The Hyperloop will be used for cargo carriage, carrying of people and so on.

Hyperloopwill be a reality probably in 2025, but there are a lot of hinderances which includes high cost in construction, safety of passengers, network channel and so on.