The thawing of the North Pole

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There has been a decrease in the thickness of the ice at the North Pole. Most opinions say that the North Pole is melting because of Global Warming, accusing humanity politically of definitely influencing this climate phenomenon by burning fossil fuel (coal, oil and gas), calling it Climate Change. Since the beginning of the year, in this COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the Coronavirus related to SARS 2, there has been a significant decrease in global activity and in the burning of fossil fuel, despite which the melting rates at the North Pole are being followed as if we were in a normal situation.

That is why we dare to look for other factors that influence the phenomenon of the North Pole thawing. We will take into account the ice-breaking ships, the Gulf Stream and the Global Dimming phenomenon.

Since the Renaissance, the unicausal (unifactorial) model was changed to the policausal or concausal model (multifactorial, coincidence of several causes simultaneously, i.e. a single factor is not the only cause of a phenomenon). There must be the conjugation of several factors for the phenomenon to be triggered. In the 21st century, there is always talk of the North Pole melting due to a climatic phenomenon called global warming. But nobody names the icebreakers that have increased the number of ships and the number of trips to the North Pole, increasing the heat energy in the North Pole, or the Gulf Stream that increases the temperature of the Oceans or the global darkening that decreases the precipitations,

Among the means of transport are boats. These ships are used to transport people and goods along the different ocean or sea routes around the planet. Most ships have been built to navigate without the obstruction of ice. Some others are built with high-powered engines for the extreme routes that on their surface are in frozen seas in the winter or for the polar routes.

These high-powered displacement boats with their reinforced hull design designed to break through by lifting it over the ice, breaking up the thick or very thick layers in any body of water frozen at the surface, are called icebreakers because they break through the ice with their thrust and weight. The ship advances in spite of the surface ice because it breaks it, at the beginning, even broken, the ice is concentrated and does not let it advance.

The vulnerability of the ice to the passage and weight of the icebreaker, makes it break into many pieces, as if a sledgehammer or axe fell on it. Making a simile of an ice mould, the ship makes ice cubes. All this fractioned ice is thrown to the sides, also to the bottom of the boat. In this way they "make their way through the ice" and give way to other commercial ships so that they can transit to their destination.

It is important that icebreakers must have three characteristics to fulfill their function:

-The first refers to the engine, which must be of great power for the definitive advance of the icebreaker and to raise the bow above the surface.

-The second characteristic is the weight of the ship, which allows the mass of the ship to press against the ice by sectioning it.

-The third aspect is the hardness and shape of the bow that disperses the fractionated ice and does not let the density of ice disturb the path, along with the lateral wobble from the handling of the tanks that fill with water from the ocean or sea. This configuration of the bow does not allow it to become trapped or blocked.

The North Pole, because it is at the level of the Ocean and receives the influences of the Gulf Stream, is less cold or warmer than the South Pole. The reason for the difference in temperature between the two poles is due to the warmth of the Gulf Stream. We have the theory that as the plant mass of the Congo, Amazon and Orinoco River Basin forests decreases, the temperature of the current increases.

Let's put the two factors together:

The technique for breaking through the arctic ice has been innovated and its icebreaking effects are of "better quality". The icebreaker traffic has increased, for example, Russia in 2010 had only three or four icebreakers with their accompanying ships, but by 2012 there were forty-three sailing the routes to the North Pole. It is induced then, that more heat energy is introduced to the North Pole by the increase of navigation and by greater penetration of the Gulf Stream.

In front of this relentless machine in front of the ice of the Arctic Ocean and the North Pole, from an ice mould they are making cubes of the North Pole. It will no longer be the North Pole but the North Cubes. The heat of the Gulf Stream no longer has a face to contact the ice on the coast line, it now has many cubes with many faces that touch the current and melt faster.

This hypothesis of "cubitation" of the North Pole is another factor and could explain or add to the thawing of the North Pole. Bodies gain heat, they cannot gain cold. The heat transfer from the icebreaker and its companion ships and from the Gulf Stream is now more expensive.

The hydrospheric phenomenon, the Gulf Stream, is a current that originates from the confluence of the basins of the Congo River in Africa, the Amazon and Orinoco Rivers in America. These waters flow through the Atlantic Ocean, penetrating through the east of the Caribbean Sea, and reaching the Gulf of Mexico, from which it takes its name. It exits through the northeast of the Gulf towards the east to the Atlantic Ocean to reach the front of the Iberian Peninsula. Finally it takes a northern route to the North Pole. This current has slowed down another Ice Age, scientists explain.

Finally, we have been talking about the climatic phenomenon of Global Darkness. This phenomenon is the result of high air pollution by solid or gaseous waste (e.g. smoke emitted by jet planes) which act as hygrogenic cores that serve as a surface for the condensation of water vapor in the atmosphere.

The bad thing about these hygrogenic nuclei of pollution is that they form amorphous droplets, smaller than the size of normal cloud droplets and have the poor ability to reflect infrared rays back to the top.

Infrared rays are what heat the surface of the planet. As it has no heat energy, it does not have enough energy to evaporate the water from the seas and oceans. Thus decreases, the ability to form water vapor, fewer clouds are formed and there is less rain, hail and snow.

As the source of water (liquid or solid) from rainfall decreases, to form the ice of the glaciers, they decrease their thickness. The normal advance of the glacier is added, which subtracts mass, making them much thinner.

We are looking for information to see if there are any scientific studies on the Global Dimming and its influence on the thawing of the North Pole.

The thawing of the North Pole continues, despite the significant cessation of fossil fuel burning. This means that there are other factors. The increase in ice-breaking ships, the increase in the number of trips made by these ships, the increase in the temperature of the Gulf Stream due to the deforestation of the forests from which it originates, and the Global Darkening, may be the other factors influencing the thawing of the North Pole.


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