Agent Orange and other colors in addition to glyphosate

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Agent Orange was the secret name of the operation in the Vietnamese war by the United States government for the extermination of the Vietnamese jungle, which was assigned to a herbicide (weed killer) called dioxin (TCDD), created and stored in pipes or pipettes to which an orange stripe was placed for identification in the handling of the material.

Manufactured in the 1940s, but used for military purposes by the United States in the 1962-1971 Vietnam War, to clear the forests, the undergrowth, the rainforest (in connection with the recent International Day of the Tropical Forests), forests that hid the Vietnamese in more than ten percent of the territory of Vietnam. We are talking about some 1.5 billion hectares of tropical forest.

Manufactured in the 1940s, but used for military purposes by the United States in the 1962-1971 Vietnam War, to clear the forests, the undergrowth, the rainforest (in connection with the recent International Day of the Tropical Forests), forests that hid the Vietnamese in more than ten percent of the territory of Vietnam. We are talking about some 1.5 billion hectares of tropical forest.

The defoliant (matamaleza) used in Vietnam was not pure and had in its composition varied and complex for us and us expropriated, us and us. Among the compounds are:

-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2-4 D)

-tetra-chloro-di-benzo-dioxin or trichloro phenoxyacetic acid (2,4,5-T)

-Agent Orange himself

all diluted in kerosene or diesel.

The 2-4 Dioxin is still commercially available under the name of Tordon. It is incomprehensible that there is such a thing as illegal trade and that our producers use it as a weed killer.

The companies that provided their logistic and commercial services for the development and production of these terrible chemicals were

-Dow Quemical


-Diamond Shamrock

-Hercules Inc

-Uniroyal Inc

-T-H Agricultural & Nutrition Company

-Thompson Chemical Corporation,



All these companies are located in North America, that is, in the United States and Canada. These companies, the armed forces and the government of the United States, ended up with extensive areas of vegetation cover, which for many years were not reforested due to the residual effect and there are opinions that will not be recovered. Environmental groups, environmentalists, conservationists and social groups know some of these companies because they are currently engaged in opinion struggles, protests and legal actions against them, against the production of agrochemicals, the monopoly of medicines and the generation of transgenic food.

The Vietnamese and Gringo people and other foreigners were rained on by Agent Orange because they were in the areas to be conquered or on the battlefield and were sprayed directly from the invading coalition planes.

The people who lived in Vietnam, who were fighting to defend their territory and their lives, as well as those who were invading to conquer that country, received their dose of Agent Orange through their food, it was the contaminated natural food and the water they drank, also contaminated by these war chemicals.

All were exposed to a high risk of disease from contact with or ingestion of TCDDs. It repaired to these Vietnamese and gringo people, the appearance of diseases of malignant neoplasms such as:

-skin cancer (melanoma)

-prostate cancer,

-respiratory system tumors,

-malignant blood diseases such as leukemias

-tumors of tissues other than epithelia and glands, i.e., sarcomas.

But in addition, genetic damage to future generations is mentioned as it injured future generations (first and successive generations) through malformations in the children and grandchildren of these, so far recorded for up to four generations. Some of these malformations: -persons born without a lens (natural lens of the eyes)

-motor disabilities affecting the limbs - dwarfing all accompanied by disabilities for development of wandering and work.

We should all have the list of defoliants used in the Vitnam War by the United States are the following colored and other chemicals:

-PURPLE: Formed by 2,4,-D and 2,4,5-T, used between 1962 and 1964.

-GREEN: Formed by the 2,4,5-T, used 1962-1964.

-PINK: Formed by the 2,4,5-T , used 1962-1964.

-ORANGE: Formed by 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T, used 1965-1970.

-WHITE: Formed by the union of Picloram and 2,4,-D.

-BLUE: Formed by Cocodylic acid.

-ORANGE II: Formed by the 2,4,-D and 2,4,5-T , used in 1968-1969, it was also called "Super Orange".

-DÍNOXOL: Formed by 2,4,-D and 2,4,5,-T, it was used in small quantities in 1962-1964.








In the land of lawsuits, none of those chemical companies could be left unscathed. In 1983 a lawsuit was won by U.S. war veterans in New York, in the United States itself, with compensation they have refused to pay ninety-three to one hundred and eighty million dollars, brought against the chemical companies Dow Quemical, Monsanto and Diamond Shamrock, which produced the toxic agent orange for health damage.

For their part, the Vietnamese, encouraged by the previous jurisprudence, in an organized way through the Vietnamese Association of Victims of Agent Orange, also took legal action in the United States, with the same judge Jack Weistein. Of course, this judicial offensive did not succeed. The court came out reviewing the U.S. legal framework and determined that there was not enough legal basis for the lawsuit of four million Vietnamese affected by the same Agent Orange that affected the gringo veterans who won the previous trial.

Those affected were taken care of by their government in Vietnam. On the other hand, the International Red Cross has implemented an assistance program and the program of educational sessions for the labor sector and a credit for the development of crops without handling agrochemicals.

We have to learn from what happened to the Vietnamese and especially what happened to the victims of Agent Orange.

But it seems that the use of materials used for the (chemicals and radioactive substances) as weapons of war does not cease.



World War II, the Iraq war, the Balkan war, Israel's war against Palestine, Colombia's war, the United States, Great Britain and Israel's war against the Colombian guerrilla, all affected the combatants and the communities involved and have in check so many of the survivors who witnessed the war or were part of the opposing sides, as well as the assistance and investigation teams.

Many and many suffered from the appearance of pathological effects after exposure, perhaps they could be considered war diseases, but they are in fact diseases caused by chemical and radioactive substances.

The use of defoliants in the armed conflict has not ceased and is still close to us in our sister country of Colombia. This is the scenario of the use of a defoliant in the "war on drugs", in the Colombian jungles that include the Colombian Amazon and the area around the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Glyphosate (N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine) C3H8NO5P) is a defoliant that substitutes for Dioxins and other "colored" chemicals, which is used by the so-called Plan Colombia or now Plan Patriota, or whatever they call it, supposedly to eradicate coca crops but in reports from the UN and its thematic offices, they show that it is not for that because coca and marijuana crop production is on the rise. Rather, defoliants are used for war purposes.

But this is not talk, because they spread the word that defoliants are dumped in occupied areas by the irregular guerrilla armies, engaged in civil war against the Colombian government and the allied occupation forces, basically composed of armies and groups from the United States, Great Britain and Israel.

But what do the war in Vietnam and the war against the Colombian guerrillas have in common? As the force of history is present, this civil war in Colombia as in Vietnam, the jungle offers a shield that equates the forces of the people made army in Vietnam and the guerrillas wherever they are active, against the military power used against them.

We believe that the principle of elimination of the vegetable shield of the armies to be defeated is still being used and the defoliant method acts as the ideal instrument of war.

The consequences have not been well-defined, let alone quantified. But the area of aerial discharge of glyphosate defoliant is embracing the Colombian bioregions and the watersheds and bioregions of the Maracaibo Lake Basin, Orinoco Basin and Amazon Basin, tropical forests that serve as home to immense biological diversity, as the basic lungs of humanity and aerobic organisms for their massive production of atmospheric oxygen, global thermal regulating engines, for their consumption of carbon dioxide and peat, the ozone hole for their production of this gas in the rays produced in their storms.

Defoliant is used against the lushness of tropical forests, against the world in the tropics, against life. The war with defoliant is against the rainforest and all its biological diversity, including the humanity that lives or is related to these forests.


Hello @eliorrios
This post tells us about a terrible reality that happened, but that also continues to happen with an excuse similar to that of its creation.
Always these transnational companies have been involved in armed conflicts, many profits have to be made in all that evil they cause.
It is very bad that for the same reason that the United States army won a trial, the Vietnamese did not win it, it is absurd, but that is how it is, that is how it was, and unfortunately it will continue to be.
Excellent post. I liked it, a great approach.

It is a reality that impacts homes all over the world every day, because not only those who have been exposed in war suffer from it, but those chemical agents are found in our homes camouflaged among food, personal care products, cleaning and several others.

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