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in Project HOPE2 years ago

Thank you for inviting me to read this post! This comment will attempt to both answer your questions in this post, and continue conversations we have previously had.

I like that you are trying to build something real on #steem! It is my belief that profitable businesses when combined with #steem will comprise the next wave of success stories. I don't think that any business that gets its revenue fully by extracting #steem will last without a pivot to other revenue. With an already profitable business model, #steem becomes a competetive advantage.

Your post helps me understand Project.Hope a lot! One question I have is what are group C doing? It does not seem explicit in this post what these 'educated Venezuelans' are doing as part of the core team, nor what they are doing to earn the income, which might be the same tasks. The project would come full circle for me if their education could be transformed into something of value outside of the #steem ecosystem, or perhaps through it but not from it; this would also make the project scaleable for new group C members in a way that is not dependent on #steem price.

I am currently building two things on #steem - one is a fund that pays daily dividends, on @ecoinstats, and the other is a sustainable development project just getting beta-tested on @quintaesencia; I consider these to be side-by-side projects (like Ford Motor and Ford Foundation). As a part of the fund, I consider active projects to be the lifeblood of #steem, and try to partner with them.

Although the fund is low on delegatable #steem, I do have some delegations coming due in less than a month on @ecoinstar, 8-9 thousand SP looking for a new home, and project.hope is on the top of my list. I want to see what you can do with this idea, and I hope you make all the mid-course corrections necessary as you go to build something fantastic!

I would also love to get your feedback on my dividend paying fund token, INCOME, when you have the time! I am working on steem-as-a-service automation and write about technology topics sometimes.