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Backdrops app:

Our first choice was to fall on the Backdrops application, as it includes a huge collection of high-quality images of various kinds to satisfy all tastes, classified in different sections in addition to weekly picks for the best backgrounds according to the classification of the application itself. There is also a section for users to share their favorite wallpapers with others.

The application is free, but with some restrictions that are eliminated with a paid subscription, those restrictions are the presence of ads, of course, the inability to save the images suggested by the application (but you can install them directly as wallpaper) in addition to the presence of some paid packages available only in the paid subscription.

Wallpapers from Google:

Our second choice is on the official application for customizing wallpapers from Google, the Wallpapers application - which was available at the beginning of its launch on pixel devices only - includes different sets of backgrounds that are classified into sections (nature, colors, beautiful scenery ... and others), you can choose a specific section and apply it To be a wallpaper for your device and it is automatically changed from the same section once a morning every day.

Reddit app:

For those who do not know, the application of reddit is considered one of the popular social media platforms, its idea is based on the existence of so-called 'subreddits', which are sub-communities with different fields, any user can create his own subreddit that cares about cats, for example, and people start subscribing to it and all the members who share This interest in cats publishing pictures and various topics around them, what distinguishes reddit is that it does not reduce the quality of the images, which makes it an excellent choice for sharing high-resolution images and for this we have added it in this list, and now we will share with you the names of some “subreddits” that we recommend to browse different backgrounds:

Pull down the side menu and go to the settings at the bottom of the menu.
Swipe down and turn off the "Saved image attribution" feature.
Go to the wallpaper you want to download and head to the three dots on the top right of the screen and select "save".
Now you will find the wallpaper is available in full resolution in your photo program.


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