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in Project HOPE2 years ago

First of all, what you intend to do is noble. There are, however, some kinks that would have to be worked out before I would invest.

Second, my understanding of your three-tiered system is as follows: Team A provides SP through delegation to give big upvotes to the content creators in Team B, who have agreed to delegate part of their author rewards to Team C, the five chosen Venezuelan authors who will be earning their support by reaching out to delegators, promoting Project Hope's channels, and promoting Team B's content. Project Hope then delivers the curation rewards to the delegators, and the agreed-upon percentages from Team B's author rewards to Team C's members.

Having now laid it out as best I understand it, here are some additional questions and statements:

  1. How is it that Project Hope can guarantee 20 percent above what we would earn if we were to manually curate the articles Team B is putting out?

  2. A statement: 20 percent is not a convincing metric to me since under normal circumstances I probably would not have seen much of the content in Team B. This leads to the next question:

  3. Will Team B's subject matter expand with time? This comes from the knowledge that only a certain number of people are into reading and voting on the content Team B produces, and if Steem were to drop significantly, you would need to shore up Team B's readership in order to maintain even the same level of reward to distribute and remain profitable to delegators at the level you have promised.

  4. Somewhere on this page you have presented a metric of every 1,000 SP delegated putting forth a return of 2 Steem every weekend. How would this be accomplished, exactly?

  5. A statement: those of us with good facility in math know that with there being 52 weeks a year, 1,000SP delegated will lead to a ROI of a little over 10 percent a year for just about 10 years -- ASSUMING things in Steem stay as they are. I'm not going to lay out the math here. That's your job. Those of us who don't have a round 1,000SP especially need to understand how the percentages work, and both whales and the whale-minded smaller delegators may discount your project just because you didn't provide the numbers.

  6. Assuming things will stay as they are in Steem is a fool's proposition -- so, in generalized terms, how will you provide stability in ROI given that you cannot control the direction of Steem and that you have chosen to make Team B limited to niche subject matters that may or may not grow in proportion to changes in Steem?

  7. What reports will you generate to show transparency to delegators?

  8. A statement: I have been to your passive income page, and this is what is written: "if you were to delegate 3k SP increasing total amount of delegations to 60k SP, then you would receive 5% of all curation rewards on weekly basis. Therefore your delegation will serve a great cause and you will enjoy passive income." Again: I have sufficient facility in math to understand your example, but I also have sufficient facility in reading to know that on this page you have already said that the account has 250K in delegation already, meaning the possibility of investing 3K SP and picking up five percent in curation rewards every weekend is long gone. Again: whales and the whale-minded who notice the contradiction are likely to discount your offering from the gate. We need the real numbers, and we need them to match. I am not going to do the math here to correct the percentages for you on what 3K SP will actually earn an investor in who comes in while you already have 250K, although I can. That's your job. The fact that you have not done it already I like to think is an oversight.

My heart wanted to break off what I could spare and put it in this project -- however, I have not achieved having more than 1,000SP to work with in just ten months here by following my heart. When numbers clearly do not jive, I do not invest. Because I care about the work you are doing, however, I want you to seriously consider and solve these problems so that the project can be as credible as it can be when I return with more resources in hand to look again. I wish your project well.