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RE: If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.

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Most of your earning opportunities (freelancing, blogging, designing- programming) require hard work and can’t be made in your sleep. (I wrote about it: Is It Only a Myth? – the Genuine Truth About Passive Income)

I love my job, my profession. I love writing so much I do it also in my free time, evenings or weekends. I can’t imagine my life without work… or, no more than a couple of weeks on holidays.

By the way, Buffett also continues working, with 89 years, I think.


Yes you made sense. Work here is discussed in context of a day job, that pins people down to a routine and life of modern slavery. Writing is one of those passive income in a sense. For example, if you do printed works, it continues generating recurring income years after the initial effort. Thats the kind of work people should do and have time for friends and family, instead of doing 9-5.