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hey @crypto.piotr and @project.hope,
yesterday and today I had some extra time to take a closer look at your project and other accounts somehow related with it. To be honest, on the last few months it was very quiet about the situation in Venezuela, but apparently it is not solved issue but just hidden from European or North American people. As long as it is quiet in commercial media, it doesn't mean that it is over. On the @help.venezuela I've read that unemployment and poverty together with huge inflation has escalated now into a huge crisis without any chances for a fast solution and current social system is on the extremely low level, providing monthly pension around 5$, which equals one dinner. And to receive this minimal support, people often has to wait over a night in a queue. I see that this project has a great potential to bring at least a partial solution for a current situation and improving quality of life for some people. Since now I will carefully follow all accounts related with this topic, upvote every post, try to be more active in the comment section and obviously follow closer the situation in Venezuela itself. It is not much from me, but at least something. Thank you for your job, honestly I believe that soon you will receive a lot of support from the outside(as we could read recently). You're a great person and your project really makes world a better place. Big up !


Hello friend @cubapl , I send you a big hug from Venezuela.

Indeed, you are quite right, the problems in Venezuela are still going on and every time it gets worse, the government hides a terrible reality that we live inside. I am going to allow myself to correct it is not 5 $ the minimum. it doesn't really reach $ 2.5.

Piotr, it's a great support for some of us and I agree with him in some way,
It is a good teacher to teach fishing, and that is what we need to know how to fish well in order to always bring food to our home.

We have converted this project into:
"Make hope a home"


Thank you for all the support and interest in the situation in Venezuela.

You are right, the situation in that country has not improved at all, its production of its main export products has been plummeting, crime of all kinds and at all levels has been increasingly rampant, despair has led to a percentage of the population to migrate even if they have to go on foot with only the possessions that they can carry in their bags or backpacks, malnutrition is decimating the most vulnerable population (children and the elderly die of the most miserable and simple waning), the Failure of basic public services has already become part of everyday life (having a day of electrical service without interruption is already a rare luxury even in the Capital City of the Republic) and another lot of things ...

This can be depressing and perhaps because of survival, adaptation and try to maintain mental sanity, those of us who live it every day try to think about other things and take our time to produce something that gives us some joy and if that gives opportunity to complete the economic income and survive a little more, because then it is much better. :)

Hello dear @cubapl, thank you friend for your interest in our project and the Venezuelan theme.

You have rightly said that the situation in our country is only hidden from the countries of Europe and North America. There is a depressing situation in Venezuela.

Thanks to steem, @project.hope and other projects that are being carried out to help Venezuela, this is becoming a relief for many people in need of food, medicine and clothing.

In addition, what this initiative is achieving as a community in the great steem ecosystem is something significant and without precedents in this platform.