Amd Stocks Market Increase 20 % In Two Weeks ||Stocks Market Price And Analysis

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You all to expect the trap to increase the value of amd stock and what do you know he did precisely that he increased the value of amd stock it is december 31 we had the restriction area already marked there around 87.50 we had our ultimate tp price around 90. anything you could have topped out with that ultimate take profit on January the 1 we want to do we want to congratulate each and every one of you for calling the market we also saw that the trap was going to increase the value of amd stock you profited from that particular market move because we were there anticipated that on January 5 that ultimate came out on the 30th at least 5.39 profitability was had in the market from that prediction

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The market 8.32 at the highs 14. congratulations that is done that is over let's erase the board and let's take a look at the market in amd stock because obviously what do you see has changed since our last blog because we was watching the market in amd bouncing and then what happened we broke out the market in amd broke out so the trend in the market in amd is still one of bullishness the market is still reflecting to us that it is strong market going forward what do you think the market support area is going to be at now is it down around 88 or 90 exactly the new support area internal market amd needs to rest at 88 going forward

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If the trap breaks this particular price level we are no longer in a bullish trend this is the new area of support as we do see this weakness entering the market in amd stock 88 is our pistol point for us to understand that something has changed in the market next thing this is the overall trend in the market in amd