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RE: The green curtain, the defense against the dust of the Sahara

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Dear @eliorrios

Another great piece, absolutely worth my time and attention :)

I remember watching recently Netflix TV series called "Connected" and one episode (dust) treated about Sahara Desert and it's dust flying all the way towards south america.
And I found it quite fascinating.

Apparently that dust is also the reason why Storms (the one approaching US) are loosing their deadly powers and by the time they hit land - part of force is already gone. Dust is slowing them down.

Solid read. Thanks for sharing. Already upvoted.

Enjoy your day buddy,
Cheers, Piotr


That's right, the dust has been creating a containment barrier for hurricanes. Sorry to answer you so late, I've been offline due to a problem in the area where I live with the Internet.