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RE: COVID is helping Digital India dream

in Project HOPE2 years ago

Another interesting read @bala41288

Finally I've managed to read your post. I bookmarked it like 2 days ago, to ensure to check it out once I have some free time :)

Covid definely is the reason why so many countries around the world focused their efforts on launching and introducing their digital currencies. It seem to be the best time ever, since large part of world population doesn't like using cash at this moment of time.

It was announced as one of the dreams to have whole India digitalized.

I sometimes wonder if it will help all those people who are unbanked? In India amount of people dealing with cash and not having access to internet,banking is quite high. Isn't it?

Solid read. Upvoted already :)
Enjoy your monday, Piotr


Yes right, not everyone have access to banks and there is so much of dependency on cash. Especially with daily wage individuals. Also people who are not used to gadgets can also find digitalization difficult to manage.

Hope this at least benefits the other lot of the population.

Thanks for the comment and votes. Cheers!