What energy vision should we adopt for the near future?

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The economy depends to a great extent on the energy development that countries will have in the not so distant future, for nobody it is a secret that the world population is growing at a dizzying rate.

In the scenario of this modern and multipolar world, it is impossible for an economy to survive without sustainable energy development. Science and technology have to advance rapidly to provide convincing answers about the development of highly potential, low-cost technologies, but above all, that are sustainable over time and do not generate a negative impact on the environment.

What is the appropriate scenario for post-pandemic energy issues?

Proper management of resources to develop sustainable energy is what must be kept in mind for economic revival right after the pandemic passes. I believe that this time of health emergency resulting from this covid-19 pandemic has to make us reflect on the need to generate energy that does not waver in scenarios like the ones we are experiencing. The time has come to think about generating energy that is sustainable and that its supply is not complex like that of fuels derived from fossil hydrocarbons.

We have already had bad experiences in wanting to develop non-conventional deposits, in which the oil reserves of these fields are very difficult to extract, we even have the experience of the United States in which the practice of hydraulic fracturing as a mechanism of primary, secondary and tertiary recovery what it has brought is the contamination of superficial aquifers, high costs involved in the preparation of the fluid that is injected to the oil formation in the subsoil.

Certainly, premature deposits with high potential have been obtained, such is the case of those found in the marine waters of the English Guyana, we also have the case of Venezuela that continues to have the largest reserves of heavy and extra-heavy oil in the world, but this oil compared to those of the non-conventional deposits is much lower in what could mean the totality of the production.

Another post-pandemic scenario should be the commitment of earth science professionals, including geologists, petroleum engineers and their specialties, to have the responsibility to evaluate and standardize the best operational practices for the extraction of hydrocarbons and to allow the use of clean technologies with minimal impact on the execution of this business.

Without commitment I believe that there is no development that is worthwhile, as an example of this I say, there we have the case of the latest spills that have occurred in our Venezuelan companies, which undoubtedly reflect the lack of commitment.

Before, during and after the pandemic, the vision must remain the same, i.e., to continue contributing to the development of science and technology that will help exploit oil with the least impact, and also to go forward in the continuous advancement of new clean, sustainable and high generation capacity energies.

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I support nuclear energy. It's the best alternative that we have right now.

Of course friend can be a viable option, thank you for sharing your valuable feedback. Greetings

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Hello, my friend.

Very good point, I agree with you, we should have more commitments with our countries and of course value the work of any person. Today many countries are in economic trouble in my opinion because they do not know how to manage their funds and invest the money. Your idea is great.

Hello @franyeligonzalez.

Undoubtedly, the commitment that the activities in the generation of energy do not generate a negative impact to the environment has to be one of the objectives to fulfill in the short term.

Greetings friend and thank you for commenting.

La energía nuclear es una opción a considerar, el detalle está en que tras lo ocurrido en Japón, ha crecido el temor con respecto al riesgo de accidentes devastadores en ese tipo de plantas, pero por otro lado la destrucción ambiental producida por los combustibles fósiles también nos lleva a una catástrofe, por lo tanto, es necesario tomar medidas. Saludos @carlos84, buen artículo, lamentablemente no está en español.

Certainly my dear friend @nestorgomez, nuclear energy at a high level can be an option, referring to the fears that occurred for example in Chernobyl and Japan, I believe that we must take the necessary corrections.

Grateful for your comment, great contribution my friend. Greetings

Greetings my friend @ Photovoltaic energy, which energies produced by our biggest star which is the sun, can also be a viable option, which is a clean renewable energy and can hardly be depleted.
Greetings friend, thank you for sharing with all of us.

Greetings friend @carlos84, a great content that you share with us in this opportunity related to the energetic vision that we must adopt for the future, I share your point of view in relation to the greater expansion of development as far as science and technology are concerned since they are fundamental axes to lower the negative impact of the extraction of fossil hydrocarbons and in addition in the generation of other energetic alternatives.

Thank you for sharing your extraordinary content. Successes.