How should technological advances be made for the sustainable development of humanity and the planet?

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First of all I want to express my most hopeful greetings and loaded with many expectations for everyone, so I think it is convenient to maintain an optimism, so let's keep the joy that the project-hope inspires us.

On this occasion, I would like to reflect and write a motivational article about how we should assume the new technological contributions so that they go hand in hand and are associated with a criterion of sustainability for the human race and the planet.


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It is no secret that although technological advances have helped us to acquire a more comfortable lifestyle and comfort than the man of the future, we must also be aware that while new technological advances are coming, we may need to exploit our planet for more resource acquisition.

However, this is a trend that we can change, since technology can even be used to stop the consequences of this exploitation of resources that has us in a context of extinction.


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Are we really prepared to responsibly take on board the technological trends of our contemporary and future world?

It is a question that I think all of us who consciously love this world and humanity should ask ourselves, however to give it a more striking context than it seems to you if we associate this issue with today's businesses and investors.

I think that the vanguard mentality that any investor should have is to accept new technologies but that are in tune with the sustainability of the planet and humanity.

Many entrepreneurs and business people will seek to get hold of the latest technology, the one that is most advanced, all with the intention of being able to increase the capacity of their companies, to optimize their profits and also to create competitive markets in relation to their competitors.

However, to my investor friends and business people I say that this trend in the thinking of the man of the present and the future can become his worst enemies, because if the cutting-edge technology offers all the benefits mentioned above but does not offer sustainability in time to help preserve the human race and the planet, then it will not have been worth so much sacrifice to get to fit the new technological changes.

Not everything can seem as bad as it seems, it all depends on how we want to frame our destiny as a species and that of our planet. We can take the technological advances that really bring an advance to our way of life and that at the same time can be developed by minimizing the exploitation of resources on our planet, then very to raise several examples that help us understand the context that I am raising:

Reducing the risks of occupational diseases resulting from many hours of work: many of us have become involved with all the advancement that technology has had with robotics and artificial intelligence, this is a technology of which we are all expecting a lot, some do not have a very good perception, and others hope that it gives us much more hope to help us prolong our life years while at the same time minimizing the risks of accidents by workers, since much of the work done by workers in industries would be done by machines.

Not to mention the benefit that the owners of the industries would obtain, they as entrepreneurs would possibly benefit from the optimization of the processes, perhaps it would only be necessary to make a series of adjustments so that the former workers learn the basic knowledge of programming and computer science to help with the maintenance and operation of the robots and different machines with artificial intelligence.


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Where is the real change and the vanguard in all this, if this type of technology supplements the mentioned demands and does not require too many resources, at least not enough to put the planet and those who are on it at risk, then these are technologies that we should all support because it supports the sustainability of the planet and everything it contains.

I just want to let you know, dear friends, that I am not an expert in technology or investment business, but I am one more entity within this universe and confined to this planet that suffers from the same shortcomings as many of you, and that also benefits from the many things that you benefit from, so this analysis has a very personal position and is not based on any specific theory.

Let's analyze this technological context for the present and future based on what humanity is living in the present product of this pandemic called covid-19 , it has us all confined to our homes, almost all productive activities of the planet are paralyzed, only the most basic services are being performed, if indeed many of us are suffering, but while the human race is suffering in parallel the planet is taking a breath.


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Certainly many are like the people shown in the image above, as prisoners locked up, but that confinement means less emission of greenhouse gases due to fewer cars on the streets of major cities in the world, being all confined we are leaving our planet to rest, do not think that this is a solution to the problem, is just a life lesson we are having with this pandemic.

What I want to get at with this is that no matter how much technological progress and growth we have, we will always depend on our actions, and if our options are not the most suitable, nature will always take care of charging us the price, perhaps as we are going through right now.

It only remains for me to add that we have to evolve technologically, generate and accept the use of technologies that really lead us to a true growth and development of humanity but that we can sustain in time, it is finally at this point where we can finally talk about the advanced and futuristic technologies we need for this future that is no longer as far away as we think.


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We will see what happens to technology once the Coronavirus is beaten in one year or? I have the feeling it is a way to change a lot.
Happy writing. You stay on Steemit?

We will see what happens, this pandemic is another challenge for humanity to overcome, and it is also an event for all of us as humanity to reflect on whether we are acting well as a result of all that is happening now.

Of course I will always be with steem, this platform has formed me and I have a lot to thank it, and you also remain in steem?

Great article friend, congratulations for making the decision to stay, I still have faith in steem despite everything that is happening.

Of course, let us have faith that Steem can grow and consolidate in spite of the storms that hit him. Greetings

Very nice article. I want the statement "we will always depend on our actions" to be true. Because there are not many other people whose decisions have a greater impact on my life than mine. And I wish technology could help me understand these processes.

Certainly we live in an interconnected world and technological advances do not always impact favorably on our personal lifestyles, let's hope that the avant-garde elements that are to come will really have a favorable impact not only on your life but on that of all humanity. Thank you for your valuable commentary on this publication. Greetings

Thanks for sharing this wonderful article to our community. Very good job.

Thank you my dear friend for commenting favorably on this publication. Greetings

Hi @carlos84

Changing paradigms, changing forms and changing thoughts from the very beginning since the children are in the womb.

I believe that your proposal can be achieved but that is the most important thing to educate for those changes because in one way or another for technology to advance we are the ones who create it and if the creator of that technology is not aware that his creation is not good for the environment and only sees it from the economic point of view for his own benefit, I believe that something can never be achieved.

This that is happening now I hope it leaves a message in the world of what should be done and what should not be done. because that virus in some way was created with technology, and those who did it,? were humans to harm humans, what a contradiction, what a true paradigm?

We humans are linked to everything that is done in this world.


Thanks friend for your thoughts on this subject, certainly the key to success in this matter is in educating from very early on. Greetings

No human technological know-how can fully change ‘nature’s technology’ perfected over enormous quantities of millions of years in delivering key services to preserve lifestyles on earth.

The technology provided by nature is certainly the best technology we have had in the whole history of mankind, greetings and thank you for your contribution.

Technological advancement is capable of making the environment more friendly for humans, our existence however should be placed totally on it.

We must make every effort to direct all technological advances towards development that is sustainable for our existence and that of our planet. Greetings and thank you for sharing your ideas in this publication