A present full of technological changes and some visions that make us look to the future.

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The speed with which changes are occurring in the current system of life as a result of technological advancement and innovation has made it difficult for many people to assimilate the characteristics of the pace of such change.

If we notice the depth in the acceptance of these changes we will realize that it is also difficult for everyone to glimpse in a quite acceptable way the form and variability of where humanity is heading to continue under this approach of dizzying changes due to the constant changes and innovations that we live at every moment.

The way in which different societies make use of artificial intelligence is a pronounced impacting element to generate different cultures between societies that use artificial intelligence and those that use it less. The culture of consumption and fashion in the use of artificial intelligence can mean a necessity, but countries that still lag behind in the production and use of artificial intelligence are likely to be left behind in comparison with other developed countries that will be able to take greater economic advantage of these marked differences.

Technological changes and the most marked innovations seem to converge in a bleak outlook, not because they do not provide us with solutions, but because technology will always travel hand in hand towards the destiny that accompanies humanity, it will be a fact and an ambiguous process of back and forth, i.e. technology will expand and expand its uses, But at the same time it will cause more poverty because everything will depend on the access to it, perhaps the people with less access will not be able to access the latest technology and this will plunge them more into a chaotic state than the one they had before the technological advances.

The struggle of humanity must be even and constant because as time goes by we can learn to survive and thus get as close as possible to the end of the ambiguous path and be able to say: I was able to survive and tell all the things that have happened to me: I was able to survive and tell everything that happened.



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As usual another excellent delivery that you share with us this time, it is very true what you express when we look around us no doubt we are witnessing countless technological advances and they are generated at a great speed, this feature makes us think how our future will be with these technological advances.

Thank you for sharing such interesting content with all of us. Best regards.

It is a very complex relationship, that is to say, these changes and advances are sometimes not very assimilated by society because there are terms of inequality, and not all the accessibility of the case reaches us as we would like.

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Hello my dear friend @carlos84, certainly technology facilitates many daily activities, but not everyone can have access to it, it can possibly create a delay in the activities especially in the most vulnerable sectors.

I love technology, but as I always mention, with proper use or that we are not dependent on them, there must always be a balance.

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Before a technological advance arrives, nobody needs that technology, but once something new comes to the market, we become dependent on it, however, once that technology becomes necessary, it does not reach everyone equally, causing a backwardness in some countries.

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Good point, and certainly your analysis and very accurate I also think the same, no doubt, recent technological advances and accelerated innovation have made it very difficult for many people to assimilate the characteristics of the pace of these changes. I would like to comment that in certain circumstances I have been optimistic, for example, the recent environmental technologies are moderately favorable, but in general terms the outlook is very bleak as you mention. Best regards.

Of course the picture becomes bleak because for example in the case of technologies that favor environmental preservation are very expensive and not everyone has access to it, making this the results in environmental issues are very precarious, however the idea is to continue betting on technology, only that changes must be made for better adoption.

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The reflection you make of people who will not have access to that artificial intelligence and technology, I believe that it is not far from today's reality, I understand that we are not as advanced as we will be in a few years, but I know many people here in my Venezuela who They do not have access to technology and that affects them in many aspects, they suffer to pay for their services and generate money while others with access to technology make it easier.

Certainly, my friend, what you have just said is true. Greetings and thanks for commenting.

A very true reflection friend @carlos84, no doubt that technological advances represent an important step for humanity, moving towards a future full of possibilities, but the technological inequality between nations only makes the most advanced in the technological field first take advantage of all these advantages and widen the gap between the less developed nations.

You made me reflect, for example, on the technological advances that have allowed, for example, the variety of vaccines for sars-cov2 to come onto the market, but the existing gap between rich and poor countries means that only developed countries are massively vaccinated, while at present there are countries that have not been able to vaccinate a single one of their inhabitants.

That is the moral of this post, what is the use of technological advances if there is still a gap that makes it not accessible to all.

Greetings my dear friend and thank you for your comment that made me reason seriously.

Hello colleague @carlos84,
The speed of technological evolution is amazing and apparently we will never finish updating, as every day new processes arise that encourage us to go further and adapt to the fashion of developed societies. The problem is that third world countries seem to find it hard to keep up with the pace that allows us to approach the technological levels of developed countries. Thank you for your contribution.

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Since the beginning of societies, technology has allowed man to do things faster and with less effort, no doubt that in a society where the citizen has more access to technology will be more prosperous than the one who does not have access to these tools, on the other hand we must remember that many states do not allow their citizens to have access to such technologies this allows them to exercise control over the citizen, so technology is an excellent tool, the bad thing is that it is not available to everyone.

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