What will be the future of physical stores post Pandemic?

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Greetings to all the members of Project Hope, today we will address an issue that is worrying many people who have their company, business or local sales of any item but through a physical store and that because of the pandemic of COVID-19 they have had to close their doors.

The world economy has been affected on a large scale as a result of this pandemic, large companies have been forced to close their doors due to security measures, now if large companies are being affected by this situation, what will become of small businessmen or simply those entrepreneurs who months before the pandemic invested a lot of money in a project of any kind and suddenly had to close their doors due to the pandemic.

This situation has more than one worried because there are many people who applied for loans to undertake their project and now do not know how they can pay their loan if they are not opening their stores, there are those who have taken the decision to permanently close their business as there are others who have sought strategies to stay in business and not close their doors, one of the escape routes or strategy they have implemented is to offer their products through online stores or social networks in order to stay in business and to pay off their obligations.

Now, once the pandemic comes to an end, will these businesses, companies or stores reopen their doors? This is a question that many people must be asking themselves, because the products that are offered through virtual stores or social networks have created the facility for customers to make their purchases without the need to leave their homes or jobs and better yet take your product to the doors of their homes or jobs. Although there will be many companies that will have the ability to make a combination between face-to-face and virtual, there are others that will not be able to do it and will have to make the decision to reopen the physical space or simply close it permanently and keep their sales electronically.

Based on the above, if you, dear reader, were in this situation, what would be the decision you would make and why, I will be attentive to your answers in the comments section.

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The world is moving very fast towards an online and digital side and this business owners must begin to build their stores in away that it will suit the needs and ever rising wants of customers.

If digitalization is the new way to go then entrepreneurs need to brace up themselves towards that.

Greetings @futurekr, thank you for your valuable contribution by commenting your opinion on this matter, I agree with you, we must adapt to the new changes that are presented.

Hi friend @carlir, the situation you raise in your publication, regarding the business modality after the pandemic, virtual or online, physical or a combination of both, is the dilemma that many people who have businesses are facing.

The panorama is complex, with many uncertainties and there is a diversity of cases due to the characteristics of each one.

Very good topic, congratulations

Hi @raizayanez, that's right it's a dilemma that many have and must make a decision in order to stay in the market.

Thank you for your comment.