Minimum tools to take into account to get started as a web developer.

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The dizzying technological advances that are presented daily in the world of technology, have made people studying the areas of computer science and information systems, are in the need to be updated daily, this in order not to be left behind in the knowledge about these areas of study and also not lose the space gained in the labor field.

It is true that technology occupies a large space in the lives of people and organizations, starting from the use of a cell phone to the creation of an online micro business as a source of income, which is why it is important to be updated on these areas of study, because through them can generate contributions of relevance to organizational development and therefore professional development of each person.

Globalization and the great technological advances that are presented every day in the business world, have made organizations have the urgent need to present in their corporate or organizational structures people who have the ability to be able to respond to the technological advances that these organizations face daily.

From this point of view, one of the main advances that are presented in the business world is Web Development, which is nothing more than the creation of websites for internet or intranet, making use of development technologies (software) on the server and client side, which involve a series of database processes with the use of a web browser in order to perform certain tasks or display information required by users. Barba (2014).

Now, a web developer is the person who is in charge of the programming necessary for the construction of a website. Barba (2014). This is divided into two parts that may or may not be connected, the client side and the server side, on the client side is referred to HTML and CSS, code required for the creation of web pages, and JavaScript and DOM, for user interaction. On the server side the code is much more complex, among these we have PHP, ASP.NET, JSP, among others. With this code the back-end is written, which is the part of the web that the user does not see. Every web developer must have a minimum knowledge of these programming codes to be able to perform web development.

The following are some of the tools or programming languages required for web development.

Keeping the security of a WIFI NETWORK at an optimal level helps to prevent other people from accessing it easily and stealing valuable information from the network. In the same way it avoids that our Internet decreases its bandwidth, that is to say, it slows down the connection, it also avoids that they can manipulate the configuration of the router, and in this way manipulate it to their convenience.

These aspects and many more make the owners of a WIFI NETWORK see the imperative need to secure it, but not everyone takes this with the importance that should be done and then they are affected by the incursion of people to their network.


Acronym for Hyper Tex Markup Languaje, is the predominant markup language for the development of web pages. It is used to describe structure and content in the form of text, as well as to supplement text with objects such as images. HTML is written in the form of tags, surrounded by angle brackets. It can also describe, to a certain extent, the appearance of a document. Barners (2008).


Acronym for Cascading Style Sheets, it is a language used to style our structure created in HTML. There are several versions of CSS among which we have CSS1, CSS2 and the most current CSS3. Navajas (2014).


According to Flanagan (2002), he defines it as an interpreted programming language dialect of the ECMAScript standard. It is defined as object-oriented, prototype-based, imperative, weakly typed and dynamic. It was originally developed by Brendan Eich of Netscape under the name Mocha, which was later renamed to LiveScript, and finally became JavaScript.


The SQL language is defined by Gil (2001), as a declarative language for accessing relational databases that allows specifying different types of operations in them. One of its characteristics is the handling of relational algebra and calculus, allowing queries to be made in order to retrieve information of interest from a database, as well as to act on it.


According to author Gil (2001), "It is a scripting language that allows the dynamic generation of content on a server. Among its main characteristics we can highlight its power, high performance and ease of learning". Likewise, they point out that this language is an effective tool for web development since it provides elements that allow to quickly generate dynamic web applications.

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I know all of those but not a master of any of those lol . I have stuck with python because it does most of the things that I need but really want to learn and master this web development .

Greetings @amr008 it is true pyton is a very complete language, but to get to master it to the maximum I think you should start with the basics and thus be able to move forward in the world of web development.
Thanks for your comment.

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These are beautiful tips
Keep on posting stuff like this

Thanks for your words @curation-man, my purpose is that my publications are useful for the members of the community.
Best regards.

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