The Bad Things Ever Done By The Company Apple - (iPhone Slow)

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The apple company ever to commit fraud against the iPhone, did it ever happen?

Deliberately Contrived Slow So Buy A New One?

 Yaah!! It could be, because it all was-his business of a company.

This problem began at the end of 2017 and then when a number of iPhone users are older models, such as iPhone 6 to iPhone SE, complain because the device suddenly becomes "slow" alias slow after the update iOS.

Image Source Pixabay By William Iven

Apple fined 25 million Euros, or about 374 billion IDR by the regulator French (DGCCRF) gara-gara deliberately degrade the performance of a number of models of the iPhone legacy through the update iOS.
Wow..!! Passable anyway, the amount of the fine his.
Party DGCCRF released an official statement regarding this through a PDF0001.jpg

Source PDF

Apple fined because caught do not inform the users of the iPhone legacy that installing the iOS update (version 10.2.1 and 11.2) can slow the device down the badgers.
Pokud jde o odkaz iPhone je míněn DGCCRF je model iPhone 6, iPhone SE, a iPhone 7.
Respond to fines by the parties DGCCRF, the Apple does not dodge and agreed to make amends.
What is the purpose of the iPhone fine apple so great?
This is what it said the apple "We are pleased to have completed this issue with the DGCCRF," in Addition to paying the fine, Apple also agreed to display information on the official website of Apple (French language version) which states that they have been doing unfair business practices.
And apple will deliver "recognition" that on the official website of his(the apple).
When is apple going to serve him?
Because they do not call when. Just wait the time.
Ce programme est tenu pour une année complète et offre à prix réduit la batterie de votre iPhone par 29 dollars américains (le prix normal de 79 dollars américains).

Il n'a pas empêché le régulateur français d'enquêter sur la question controversée de la mise à jour iOS qui peut rendre votre iPhone lent dernier.


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The old problem of programmed obsoleteness reappears ...

This company does nothing out of the ordinary in today's business logic, after all, harming its users to force them to buy new equipment is seen as a very reasonable practice for entrepreneurs.

In business it turns out there is political anyway, then. Hhhh

Hi @block.token

This undoubtedly represents a big problem and shows the seams of the company, it is certainly a burlavy disrespect for users. In the next few days you should surely find a solution to this and in a transparent way without hiding anything. I am terrified of buying hardware sometimes, when I see these things happen.

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Yea. If things like that continue to be sustainable, everyone who want to buy their products should be careful and think back. Isn't that so?

I better stay with Android. I suppose I can use more free software on Android. I like to test many apps.

It is very steady man.

I think posts like this don't actually portray the reality of the situation.

iPhones in general last longer than any other phones Android or otherwise. This isn't under contention as there are numerous independent studies that prove this. However, this durability raises an important problem for Apple though.

So I have an iPhone 6+ and it was affected by this issue. When reading up WHY Apple did this it makes sense to me. If my battery is in a degraded position then any app that isn't efficient could tip the phone to the point where there's not enough charge to keep the phone running. It won't take much to do and from my perspective all I'll see is the battery going from 90% to phone switched off just like that.

To someone who doesn't know what's causing this they are going to blame Apple not the battery. So Apple made the decision to slow the phone down. The problem is they forgot to tell people they were doing it and so people railed on Apple involving them in some sort of planned obsolescence conspiracy theory (such as this author). This wasn't the case it was always to ensure the phone carried on running.

When Apple explained what was going on most iPhone users understood and carried on in the knowledge they are going to get longer use of their phones. However, the Apple haters and people who are paid shills of Samsung, Google, and Microsoft carried on this conspiracy to try and ruin Apple's reputation and make more money. The anti-Apple brigade jumped on the bandwagon.

Meanwhile Android phones just die completely and no one cares because it's expected of them.

Now every iPhone has this information in the phone, that information is transparent, and users just carry on using their phone as normal. Meanwhile Google introduced something similar to Android and no one batted an eyelid which leads me to believe that this issue is simply because there are so many Apple haters out there wanting to see Apple fail. That is discrimination and illegal in most countries.

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