Technology and Invisibility; (When Technology Makes the Visible become Invisible)

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A lot of time people might have thought of becoming invisible for the fun, or being able to do things so people do not see who is behind the actions as well as being able to get away with some things. Over the years, science fictions have been able to portray a lot of things about invisibility but this haven’t been fully researched scientifically but since the advent of advance technologies, scientist have been able to do a lot around it.

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You can prove me wrong but I believe all object interact with light either absorb light, allow light to pass through directly, reflect light or refract light (Simple physics) thereby making them visible to the eyes. Without light, it is impossible to see things or we can say be invisible. If an object reflect individual waves of light, the object will be regarded as being visible.

With the improvement in technology, it is possible to feel but not see an object in the presence of light. Scientist from the center for functional nanomaterial from the Brookhaven National laboratory led by Charles Black have been able to create an invisible glass called nanotextured glass. The scientist were able to get this done by using block copolymers polystyrene-b-poly (methyl methacrylate) and plasma etching to insert the nanoparticles. The glass reflects light but prevents it from reaching the human eyes which makes the glass invisible.

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In further research on how to get invisibility for object, the invisible cloak is invented Keio University led by Susumu Tachi. This was possible using metamaterials (materials whose property can’t be found in nature) Although this is a good one but metamaterials operates in narrow angle and wavelength so invisibility isn’t full as moving objects can be seen.

In the process of getting invisibility, Canadian company Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corp. created the Quantum Stealth which bends light waves that is targeted at the stealth. The fabric is made up of a lenticular lens, a cylindrical convex lenses laid on top of an object (the one found in voluminous multicolor picture that changes). The Fabric makes people invisible as it matches with the surrounding landscape. In other for the invisibility to be effective, the object needs to keep a certain distance from the fabric so as to work effectively.



It is possible that in the near future, it will be completely possible to attain invisibility as technology improves. In case you do not know, an American company GDS architect has decided to build a skyscraper called infinity in Incheon South Korea. The building will be 1480ft tall and will be said to be the first invisible building. The building will be built using concrete and conventional glass but LED screens and optical video cameras will be used to create invisibility as the image of everything behind the skyscraper will be displayed on the building giving it transparency and invisibility but so as not to cause accident, the joints of the glasses will be seen thereby revealing the presence of the building.

Do you think it is possible for technology to get full invisibility in few years from now?


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I have seen invisible battle tanks in a report. I think they used flexible, textile-like display screens and cameras to project the background on the armor of the tank.

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Wow. just imagining that this could happen in the future, I would like to know when that could actually happen ..

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