Technological Devices, Applications and Companies That Saw Their Doom in the Last Decade

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Technology is growing faster than we think in the last two decades and even billionaire tech entrepreneur Elon Musk agrees that technology is going really fast. Soon we will be able to play games like we are playing them in real life, we will be able to travel at the fastest of speed to locations, soon everyone will be have a farm inside their home, phone will become smaller and start using hologram, people will start travelling to space, data speed will become something not to worry about as the 5G will be 10x faster than the current 4G, the internet of things will make everything around us collect data which will make life easy for us, robots and artificial intelligence will start doing tasks for us just like Sophia the robot, we will be able to control computers with our brains and many more. As much as this technological advancements are pulling out very fast, so are many others going into extinction? In this post, I will be discussing technologies as well as (maybe) technological companies that have become obsolete.

Phone earphone jacks

So many people remember buying this so well that a lot of people had extras in their home because they could get missing or spoilt at any time due to stretches on the chord. In the days of jack wired earphones, a lot of people would find it difficult to move their hands because they were going to hit the earphones off their ears or have it hook a door handle when going into a room. Thanks to earpods brought by iPhone, jack wired earphone saw its grave. Many phone producing companies are now doing more of earpod to chord earphones.

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AIM Messenger

Did anyone remember this instant messaging platform? A lot of people had accounts here and can remember that sound when there is a message. AIM was a cool messaging platform but didn’t have the spice to connect people like for real. It was just like using a digital calculator to send a message to a person, there was nothing really connecting the people together. Facebook, IMO, Twitter sent AIM to its grave.

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Jibo, social robot, also a personal assistant with facial recognition for people at home which was loved by so many family and cost a whopping $900 died due to lack of funding. This technology would have been an amazing one to change the world but tech giants were faster than Jibo. The most painful part of this tech was that it announced its own death since it was an artificial intelligent, doing that won’t be too hard for it.


A lot of other technological innovations and companies died in the last decade like the blackberry, hoverboards, and many more. Like we know, we are in a new decade and we do not know which technological innovation, applications and companies will be going to their graves but for now, we could just enjoy the ones available.


Wow, I remember the days of AIM messenger, a name from the past. Things move and cane so quickly.

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