Tech Tats; Wearable Tattoos, adding Value to Health and Finance

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Tattoos are a thing that lot of people love wearing and it has taking a major stand in the fashion world. A lot of people carry tattoos and adornments around and with Tech tats, you can now go around with wearable temporary tattoos on their skins which could serves as fashion and an extension of technology. The inks are conductive and are used to receive data after the bio sensors already showed signs. Tech tats is a new technology that serves as a tattoo but with the ability to check temperature, give statistics related to health as well as warn the user against serious illness by collecting data, and letting the user know their current state. With Tech tats, checking your Bio and doing basic tests can be carried out at home.


With Tech tats, style and fashion combines with technology to create a device that can monitor vital signs of the body with the help of the electronic wires, sensors and conductive ink which makes it more unique compare to the conventional tattoos. The tattoos are thin, epidermal, flexible, and electronic patches of rubber with flexible electronic silicon wires of a few nanometres thick paint. The tattoo securely collects data from the skin such as stress level, blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate and temperature and send it to a special application which is installed on a smartphone through Bluetooth.


Chaotic moon studio, a studio that designs and develops mobile software in Austin, Texas developed this wearable electric tattoo (e-tattoo) using electric tattoo pant to help medically while representing fashion and style. The tattoo gathers data of early symptoms, heart rate, and other vital signs which medical practitioners would need, after which the patient can send to a doctor without leaving the comfort of their home. The tattoo device uses a concept from radiotherapy to detect ailment in the bod and does not require cumbersome devices to work.


The tattoo is created to also make payments for users. It helps authorise payment through payment option like Apple Pay. The tattoo are placed on the skin allowing simple integration of electronics within the body which will also serve as an electronic wallet replacing credit cards. The wearer’s identification information, including card details can be stored in the tattoo and can be provided automatically when needed.

In Conclusion

Having easy to use devices is one of the beauty of technology, and Tech Tats currently is doing that. The device would be useful for people who are really busy and do not have enough time for their health, having the device/tattoo on means they get signs on a regular note when their body system starts to show symptoms. Also, in some places where distance a nearby hospital is far, it is good to have the devices get all signs and symptoms needed so when the doctor arrives, treatment would begin with no delay.


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It's an interesting concept and I had not heard of this before. Thanks for sharing @ben-edom

Hi @ben-edom
I will be very honest with you. I really particularly prefer this type of tattoo. for the best I know that they can serve me for something.

On the other hand, I don't like the other types of tattoos where my skin is marked.


This development is quite interesting and its power to monitor the health status of people seems promising, to a certain extent it is like an evolution of "wearable technology"