COVID is helping Digital India dream

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It was announced as one of the dreams to have whole India digitalized. Many initiatives were taken for the same and some ended up in failure and some turned out really well. It is one of the biggest projects of the government. I'm not going to comment too much on the political aspects of this but I'm personally a big fan of digitalizing things. Being a developer working on many automation projects, I have always fascinated about this digital India concept as well. I somehow see a relation between digitalization and automation. I don't know what makes me think that way but I see some relation.



As part of digitalization process there are a few things that are getting digitalized naturally.

Online classes for the kids

As most of the schools and colleges are not functioning now because of the lockdown, online classes are gaining popularity. This is not the first time someone is experimenting online classes. I have known it from the past where open scooling system provides an opportunity for online classes. There have been kids persuing their education full time with the help of open schooling where the sessions will always be an online session. It was an optional thing but right now due to COVID lockdown this has become a way of learning these days.



All the teachers and students are given the required training to make online classes their comfortable way of learning these days. This was also part of the Digital India initiative where schools and colleges were more and more digitalized to make it easier and modernized for everyone. Digital learning is good but it can never replace the presence of a teacher and learning from them. It is like a physical book that always gives more pleasure while reading than a kindle or a ebook.

People are scared to touch currency notes

People are scared right now for many things because of the consequences of COVID. One such thing is touching the currency notes. Two days back I went for a haircut and the shop keeper refused to accept cash. He told me that the only method of payment is through online transfer or cards. Even when I gave my card, it was literally washed with hand sanitizer before it was used in the machine. Good to see that people are more cautious.



But here what I see is that more and more people have started using digital currencies and the cirulation of physical currencies are going down. This also gives an opportunity for new comers to join the digitalization of money transactions. Some shop keepers are forced to use bank accounts and fund transfer instead of handling the currency notes directly. I guess this will continue for some more weeks or even months and that can be a great step towards digitalization.

I really wish digitalization is appreciated like this even after everything settles down and digital currencies become popular and the value pumps. We cannot predict anything but can hope it will happen some day.

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That's absolutely true, and hopefully, digitization will go up and up from here. I think JIO has played a big role to this, which had made internet available to the masses.

Yes Reliance was the company that made incoming free for the very first time. That was the first revolution and now making the outgoing free is the next revolution. Also data plans in India are very cheap compared to many countries. Especially the broadband charges.

Yes and that's the first step towards digitalization

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It's true what you say, the pandemic has forced us to adapt to new things, for example online classes, or the way we shop from home, to use digital coins, some things for good others not so much. As we increasingly avoid contact and socialization, something that is especially harmful to children!

Yes I also believe that soon we would be able to use the digital assets for shopping and transactions. It is just that people are lacking awareness. It will be great if digital assets become one of the most used transactional currency everywhere. Thanks for the comments.

Glad to hear some good has come from this.

Yes that's right. 😀

But don't you think that for India where we have a grand diversity, specially very old people, children from poor background who cannot afford hitech gadgets and even lower middle class or uneducated people are going to face extreme challenges with the fast pace digitization.
I believe that digitization is very good for a country where more than 90% of population is educated and living above the poverty line. So it is so important first to work on those basics then directly jumping on to bigger things.

Ah that's a valid point. I didn't have that in my mind while writing the post. Thanks for pointing it out.

Ya not everyone will be able to adapt to the digitalization. I guess the development should be in a way that supports both the group of people because even a developed country will have this problem. There should be a good way to get adapted to digitalization. Something like the modern generation helping out old people or something like that.

On a lighter note,now you are behaving like PM Modi, not taking a holistic view. Don't mind,just a joke
Yes true, like my mom, if she had to manage it all by herself she would be lost. She's almost 80 and how much ever I show her she doesnt get.

Ha ha ha ya. Wow you compared me with Modi. 😀😛

The same happens in my office as well. Being a developer, I automate many process with some fancy softwares but when they give me some stats to show that 100 employee's job were replaced by bots, it will be a little heart breaking. But sometimes digitalization and automation takes over human jobs as well. That is also another sad impact of this.

Yes and my mom is also like that. It is very hard for her to understand all these and sometimes I won't even have patience to explain her. So, I get it. 😀

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Lovely :)

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This is undoubtedly leading us to use technology much more and in my opinion India has huge potential I think that his best capital is people and their ideas innovative; and with digitization they are taking a big step to the next evolution.

Over time we will not only forget about physical money, but Iam sure that we dont need anymore no phone, tablet or computer, or make transactions because we will do everything from our brain. The better example Is Neuralink from Elon Musk.

Great information.

Yes, that's right the revolution is faster. Especially from a highly populated country like India, this is definitely a big thing.

Yes, using our mind for communications is something that other species have achieved already and it is just that when humans went far from nature. I personally feel that humans also have that capability and we haven't explored our brain capacity yet and what and all humans can do. Now it can look like a fantasy tale but one day it will be proved by science.

Another interesting read @bala41288

Finally I've managed to read your post. I bookmarked it like 2 days ago, to ensure to check it out once I have some free time :)

Covid definely is the reason why so many countries around the world focused their efforts on launching and introducing their digital currencies. It seem to be the best time ever, since large part of world population doesn't like using cash at this moment of time.

It was announced as one of the dreams to have whole India digitalized.

I sometimes wonder if it will help all those people who are unbanked? In India amount of people dealing with cash and not having access to internet,banking is quite high. Isn't it?

Solid read. Upvoted already :)
Enjoy your monday, Piotr

Yes right, not everyone have access to banks and there is so much of dependency on cash. Especially with daily wage individuals. Also people who are not used to gadgets can also find digitalization difficult to manage.

Hope this at least benefits the other lot of the population.

Thanks for the comment and votes. Cheers!

Solid read @bala41288
Resteemed already. Upvote on the way :)

Thank you. 😀