Batteries play a major role when it comes to clean energy

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The future is going towards clean energy. Everybody now understands that we cannot rely on non-renewable sources of energy forever. This is one of the biggest reasons why clean energy is considered an alternative. One big drawback in harnessing this clean energy is that we still don't have enough resources available to store the energy we produce.



We have lots of options available today to produce clean energy but the actual challenge comes in storing them. Batteries are still huge and not efficient enough to store an enormous amount of energy. Though there are many innovations happening around batteries, I guess it is not enough to satisfy the energy needs we have in today's world.

Are we innovating batteries?

I believe the innovations definitely happen around batteries. The fact is that those innovations are not enough. We were able to bring a small-size lithium-ion battery to power our mobile phones. Every year when new phones are introduced, I'm able to see that the battery capacity is also increasing. This I definitely would say is an innovation. But it is not going to be enough when it comes to large-scale expectations.



Modern scientists even say that batteries need not necessarily be just cathodes, anodes, and chemical combinations alone. The innovation is happening around building something that can store energy or help in moving the ions around even if it not with a chemical reaction.

We need more people working on this and hopefully, there should be lots of improvements in the future around batteries.

Fast charging is also another important aspect

We all understand how important charging can be for batteries. Some batteries need more than 8 hours to fully get charged. That is one of the reasons why electric vehicles are not getting popular. Though things are already getting better when it comes to electric vehicles, fast charging is something that still needs improvement.

We are able to see this option effective in mobile phones. These days most if phones come with fast charging capabilities. Mainly with the type of charger that is given along with the mobile phone. We will need more innovation around that to be able to have this as an easy option when it comes to charging huge batteries.



I'm someone finds of electric items and energy-efficient items. Electric bikes are getting popular in my city. In the last two years, many people have started using electric bikes as an alternative to IC engines. This not only helps the ecosystem but also gives a good feeling.

I was thinking of purchasing an electric bike recently. But when I read some reviews, fast charging was one thing that stopped me from purchasing it. Someone told that it took more than 8 hours to charge fully. This is not an interesting thing to look upon. We need innovation around this to reduce the time taken for charging irrespective of the capacity or size of the battery. Hope some innovations happen in the future.


I think storage of energy like you say is a really important piece of the renewable puzzle. I see lots of development in thsi area, particularly on the large scale, whilst tesla gets all the headlines for their grid connected Powerwall installations there is lots of progress on other technologies too, such as pumped hydro storage, to molten salt energy storage to fly wheels using magnetic bearings. Whilst these technologies wont necessarily be suitable for your car or phone, what they will do is allow the electricity grid to be powered by more renewables, so at least when you are charging your electric car, you know coal hasn't been burnt in the process.

Battery life, Storage and charging are three main factors that will decided the future of Batteries.
Apart from this there is another fact - Disposal of dead batteries.
What are we going to do with these batteries once they are dead, these batteries are going to create a lot of mess in the future as these will cause chemical waste which will be a very difficult to manage. This will cause even more pollution.
We need a solution for this.

Hello @bala41288

Excellent publication, as passionate about sustainability, I find very important the information you share with us in relation to batteries:

Modern scientists even say that batteries need not necessarily be just cathodes, anodes, and chemical combinations alone. The innovation is happening around building something that can store energy or help in moving the ions around even if it not with a chemical reaction.
I hope you'll hear very soon about this, it would be great. And with regard to the duration of the battery charge, I agree with you, this is a key point that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Welcome to Projecto Hope, I look forward to continuing to read your posts in our community.
Regards, have a good day!

Clean energy?
Do you think batteries really help environment?
IMHO, batteries just shift the pollution from one place to another. There is no proper system & methodology to dispose off batteries and treat all the toxic metal and chemicals from them.

That is the real question.

However, batteries can be recycled ( if not all component of it)

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Great post! the energy will become more and more clean. There is a blockchain project called Power Ledger that works precisely in this field. One day I will post and tell you about it. Have you heard of Power Ledger before?