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I was completely unaware of this project before reading it. After reading, I think I have a pretty good undestanding of what your goals are as well as a loose idea of the ideal mechanics behind it. Rather nicely done there. I have a question, however, as I am thinking of involving myself a little. Here is my inquiry: What are the primary topics and subtopics that content creators will be asked to write about?

I will give this an upvote and a resteem and I look forward to your response.

Happy New Year, @project.hope


Appreciated @badseedalchemist.

Thank you for participating and knowing a little more about us. I also appreciate your upvote and resteem.

The themes that our content creators develop and that are shared in our broadcasting channels, cover AI, philosophy, blockchain, crypto, investment and commerce.

We avoid relating to politics and religion since these issues are loaded with subjectivities that can create a negative dynamic.

Your Friend, Juan.

Those are all topics that I enjoy writing. Is there a discord that I can join or some other means of contacting you guys for more inquiries?

Hi dear @badseedalchemist.

Please Visit Our Website

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Hi @badseedalchemist

I just realized that somehow I didn't see your comment and I just read it now. Thx for being so responsive :)

Hope you don't mind if i take few minutes of your time?

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