Humans is not descended from monkeys

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What you guys think when you see the illustration image above ? well,,we must be immediately think to the greatest theory of the 19th century "theory of evolution" proposed by one of the famous scientists at that time, Charles Darwin.
the second question, what do you think about the theory of evolution? if you think of a theory that saying humans come from evolved monkeys, then you need to read this post till the end....

honestly, I was the one who used to misunderstand Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. think that this theory claims humans are the result of evolved monkeys. so that in the past, I often felt confused when thinking about how an monkey later evolved into a human who was typing on his laptop

ok back to our discussion, about the true concept of this theory of evolution as well as rectifying various misconceptions that we've believed about this theory...

historically, the idea of evolution that living things change from time to time happened long before Darwin proposed his theory in a book entitled On the Origin of Species in 1859. even the first scientific theory of evolution was first proposed by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck.

they both tried to explain how the evolution process based on their respective theories. and both of them believed that life started with a few simple organisms only, which later evolved into more complex organisms. they expressed the theory of evolution as opposed to the theory of spontaneous creation that people most believed at that time...

but how the evolution process subsequently developed, they're completely opposite to each other..

Lamarck believed that evolution occurs because there is an internal encouragement from individuals to carry out evolution in order to survive. opposite to Lamarck who believed in an internal drive for individuals, Darwin believed that evolution was driven by natural selection and not individual desires...


They gave an example in the case of giraffes, Lamarck believed that giraffes used to have legs and short necks like horses, but due to limited food in their habitat they started trying to eat short tree leaves and over time only tall leaves remained. Because of the urge to survive, the giraffes try to reach the tall leaves, then it made the giraffe's legs and neck to become long as we see it today...

As for Darwin, he didn't agree with Lamarck's theory, he believed that there're two types of giraffes, a short neck and a long neck, but the short-necked giraffe became extinct because it lost competitiveness in hunting for food with the long-necked giraffe..(natural selection)

well we dont need to argue which theory is the most correct, although personally I prefer to the second one. let's find out how the thought of human originated from the monkeys exist...

to answer that question we need to pay attention to the concept of how life originated based on Darwin's theory. as previously informed both Darwin or Lamarck both believed that life originated from a simple organism which later evolved or developed into various living things that we know today.

humans didn't come from monkeys, but humans, monkeys, apes, gorillas, orangutans are creatures belonging to the same classification, namely primates. and they have similar DNA. even chimpanzees are animals that have 98% -99% similarity DNA with humans. so based on that fact. Darwin believed that humans and monkeys had the same ancestor. so its not humans descended from monkeys.,,it's totally different !!!

for example, 20,000 years ago, there're no such things as chihuahuas, retrievers, bulldogs, pit bulls, and etc. There has never been a fossilized trace that the chihuahua, pincher, herder, pit bull could survive by hunting in the jungle 20,000 years ago..

But by using DNA tracing, we can find out that all dog variants that exist in our modern times are descended from Canis lupus, THE WOLF . and new species will continue to increase in nature over time.


The assumption that Darwin's theory claims that humans came from monkeys is not true, but to think that Humans and Monkeys share the same ancestor based on Darwin's theory i'd say yes..

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Greetings @arnol99 I estimate that you are new to Project.HOPE if so Welcome, the content you post is not very common in the community, however, everything related to evolutionary theory are my favorite topics and more if they are about botany. Certainly it is not a question of leaning or determining which is the most correct theory, Darwin's or Lamarck's, because in both we will find relevant data that help us to continue deciphering the enigmas of nature. Greetings

yes I'am, this is my first post in @project.hope thanks for your warm welcome !!..., I do love about evolution theory it also one of my favorite topics in biology, sure,, it's not about which theory is the most correct but which theory more relevan for better understanding of our nature..nice to meet you....

Welcome, it is a hot topic since these two theories are added to the creation theory and all of them have an important number of followers.
The misinterpretation or decontextualization of what Darwin wrote about the descent of man from the ape has its detractors.

it 's undeniable that Darwin's theory has its own detractors...btw,,thanks for your welcome !!😊

Yay! 🤗
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