Every Informed Person Needs To Know About Bitcoin.

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The said title I have above is actually a phrase quoted by Leon Louw, co-founder of the Free Market Foundation & Nobel Peace Prize nominee, it is also the "Quote of the Week" of Binance this week.

“Every informed person needs to know about Bitcoin because it might be one of the world’s most important developments.” Leon Louw, co-founder of the Free Market Foundation & Nobel Peace Prize nominee

He further added: "Bitcoin might revolutionize more than money or economics. It could transform the role and nature of the government."

I felt the urge of sharing this quote as it reflects how every individual of our society who wants the advantage of technology should be taught about Bitcoin. It is a sort of basic education for today's generation.

Indeed, people who are not taught about Bitcoin and blockchain can be at a disadvantage because of the many things he can miss out not knowing this technology. It is not necessarily that you have to know the technology itself but at least taught that there is a technology like Bitcoin or Blockchain that you can use in real-life use cases.

In case you are wondering who really is Leon Louw here is Wikipedia's information about the man:

Leon Louw is a South African intellectual, author, speaker and policy advisor.[1] He is the executive director and cofounder of the Free Market Foundation, a nonprofit organisation ranked at number 123 in a 2017 list[2] of the most influential think-tanks in the world.[3] He is a regularly featured speaker and writer in South African and international media. He has addressed many prominent organisations,[4] including the US Congress hearings on apartheid, the Martin Luther King Center for Nonviolent Social Change, the Hoover Institute and the United Nations.[5]

Today, I like to capture the spirit of this quote. Many of us here are also into Bitcoin and in one way or another already influenced a person or two. Just by being an early adaptor of this nascent technology already speaks a lot of your great contribution of educating and spreading the good news of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Let us all continue, moving forward as we usher to a new future, for our children, and our children's children.

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