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Medicine it's made to save lives, and I'm glad to know that they are new inventions and technological studies every day to have more probabilities of saving the patient's life.

One of the things that are very useful in veterinary medicine is Diagnostic imaging. Dogs are really susceptible to eat whatever comes in front of their mouth and gets stuck in their gastrointestinal tract, this is the better way to confirm that happened. Of course, it isn't used only for that purpose, the radiographs, for example, are used for many other diagnostics like to see abnormalities in their bones, organs, unidentified objects, tumors, and many other things.

This is a radiography of a dog who had Urinary stones (urolithiasis)


In this clinical case, the dog was brought to the clinic because she couldn't pee well. The vet in charge of the case did the respective anamnesis and exams, but the radiography gave him the definitive diagnostic.

Macarena (the dog) was stabilized and prepared to go to the operating room. The surgery was a complete success, the vet could extract the urinary stone and close the urinary bladder.

Look how big it was!!



I always ask myself what we would do without this technology? I'm living in a 3rd world country and I can't imagine how medicine would be in other more advanced countries like the USA, Spain or Germany where they are one thousand times more advanced in technology than us, they have better quality radiographs and many other exams available.

The thing is, that I am very grateful that how technology helps a lot to the medicine development. What would be the life of Macarena without this?






She is at home now enjoying her life.

Thanks for reading!

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All the images were taken by the student and autor @antoniojoseha


Wow, sucker this stone.

Joy had some too when we got him but luckily didn't needed surgery. The kidney stones we could treat with the right diet.

Poor pup, hope he feels better now.

oh, that's great! it's really sad to watch several diseases in dogs and cats but how great it's when they get treated and cured haha it feels awesome. Poor Joy xD

Yess, She is already with his owner now! everything went fine thanks god.

Because you were there 😊 .

Joy is having some diarrhea today..he was drinking out of a river nearby when he went into it to cool down. It got warm here.

I am suffering with him and with his farts lol. 🐕💨 🥴

Really interesting your work, in my case radigraphy saved the life of my cat who had a big ball of hair in his stomach and had to be operated because he could not expel it by himself. Congratulations, very well explained.

Thanks! I'm still studying, the credits are for the vet, he is very good and I'm learning a lot from him.

I'm really glad your cat is fine! I love when they get better.

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She's so cute :) I'm glad she's now safe at home

Nice post!