Waykichain: getting to know its StableCoin and Governance Coin

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Dear readers, as I have previously mentioned Waykichain is a public blockchain that focuses all its efforts on the development of applications and blockchain technology, this project has a stable currency known as WUSD that is pegged to the dollar and also in the short term will accept other cryptocurrencies as collateral. Leaders note that "any holder of collateral assets can obtain a proportional proportional amount of WUSD by pledging WICC in CDP (Collateralized Debt Position). "

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The methodology used by the project for acquiring the StableCoin depends on the backing asset chosen by the user and to maintain the stability of the stablecoin value, the system must ensure that there is sufficient decentralized asset as collateral behind each WUSD issued to back it.

On the other hand, the platform has another currency which is called governance currency and is identified with the following acronym WGRT, which is a representation of the obligation to participate in the decisions or governance of the community as they call it, Those who have WGRT can vote in the approval or not of any proposal within the community, in a few words according to my perception is something like actions within the community, since, according to the rules that they manage the more WGRT you have, the greater the right to speak and participate in the decisions that are taken for the development of the project.

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In that same sense, the abbreviation of WGRT , the W stands for WaykiChain, the G stands for Governance, the R stands for Law, the T stands for Treasury. The WGRT acts as a regulator in the system. It is also important to note that the amount of WGRT issued is around 21 billion which at its inception had a value of 0.01 USD and currently has a value of around 0.007435 approximately which they plan to distribute as follows:

• 30% para suscripción de la institución a través de la colocación privada, posición de bloqueo parcial de acuerdo con acuerdo.

• 15% se reserva para el equipo de desarrollo.

• 15% para el despliegue de la reserva estratégica, que se utiliza para el intercambio de recursos estratégicos a gran escala.

• El 20% para el presupuesto del proyecto de campaña de marketing de DeFi, y será todo a los usuarios de monedas populares como BTC, ETH, HT, BNB y otras como intercambios de recursos de la comunidad, o para recompensar a los participantes mediante la celebración de eventos fuera de línea.

• 10% para la distribución a través de las recompensas de votación del súper nodo de WaykiChain.

• 10% será airdropped a los titulares de la moneda de WaykiChain.

Dear readers, it is a pleasure for me to continue bringing you relevant information about the Waykychain project, I hope I can make clear each of the elements that make up this promising project, we remain in full communication to learn a little more about Waykychain.


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