Towards the virtualization of agriculture

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The agricultural sector is one of the most important economic areas of a nation, since it not only generates monetary income, but also provides social welfare by ensuring that citizens are fed. To achieve the above, crops need to be managed efficiently to increase yields.

In that sense, in the current context the presence of the crown virus has limited a little the agroproductive activities because of the confinement and the fear that some technicians and producers have of contracting the virus when they move to the production units or simply when they go out to the cultivated areas.

This situation has led to the development of precision agriculture, which is aimed at achieving technological advances that allow virtualization in terms of crop management, creating the possibility of producing food more accurately through portable devices such as remote sensors that can obtain the necessary information on climate, soil, crop yield and other indicators of interest. Crops can be monitored through smart phones, since it is a device that has become one of the most used technological tools by a large part of the world's population.

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One of the Latin American countries that has started testing this technology is Costa Rica, starting with the training of a small group of agronomy students, a situation that has become a benefit for them, since, during distance education due to the pandemic, they will be able to be directly involved with crop management. Those involved told the network of agricultural specialists that these advances are a leap forward to sensor-based agriculture 4.0.

The technologies used for the training of the students mentioned above, according to the article published by the network of specialists in agriculture, is from Israel and consists of sensors that collect information on soil moisture and temperature, this information is sent through radio frequency transmission antennas, in addition to receiving satellite images of the plots, this system is called crops. On the other hand, they mention that a platform called netbeat is also used where all the information can be accessed and automated irrigation or fertilization systems can be activated from the cell phone.

Dear readers, once again the technological advances are evident, it seems that we are heading to the era of virtuality in education and in the agricultural sector, the countries should be adapting their educational technology platforms in all professional areas, in the particular case of the agricultural area, it will allow our future professionals to know the virtual and automated processes as long as there is a respect for natural processes, taking into account that many of these technologies seek the rational use of resources needed for production in search of sustainability.


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Interesting article friend @amestyj, I think that such an important and key sector for the food sector as the agricultural one needs to be enhanced with virtual technology. Greetings and thank you very much for sharing.

Greetings friend @carlos84, thanks for your comment, you are absolutely right, it would be important to provide some technology for data collection and to train the producers.

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Technological advances have progressively advanced that helps us see other horizons such as the area of virtuality in education and the agricultural sector, countries should adapt educational technology platforms worldwide in all areas of professionals and allow our future professionals to have access to virtual and technological processes.

Thank you friend @amestyj for sharing such important information. Greetings

Hello my dear friend @sandracarrascal, education should advance a little to virtualization without displacing the face-to-face meetings, I think there could be a balance and it would be very beneficial for our students.

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Hello @amestyj
Agriculture is undoubtedly one of the most important areas for the sustainability of a country.
The digitalization of everything nowadays brings its advantages, of course, it allows to optimize many processes. However, not all countries have the technological infrastructure for its proper development.

Hello friend @josevas217

You are right, there are many countries that do not have the technological tools in the field and those who do have them do not have excellent training in this regard. I believe that the state should have a forward-looking vision, always with ecological criteria, in order to maintain agrifood security.

See you later, my friend. Have an excellent week 🤝

hello dear friend @amestyj good afternoon
This is one of the oldest activities in the world and you persist for the reasons you mention.
Agricultural jobs are drivers of the economy, the country that does not develop it will not be able to prosper over time.
Thank you very much for providing us with all this information
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Greetings dear friend @jlufer, the agricultural area is so important and many times so neglected in our countries. It would seem that it is not understood that it is the most important link in a nation. Countries going through big crises know how important it is to produce food.

My friend, I hope you have an excellent week. Greetings to the family! 🤝

how are you dear friend @amestyj
It is a real shame that our governments have forgotten their anestros as our countries have raised with agricultural work, now the business is to create social plans to encourage people to neglect and they have a free way to corruption and destroy nations
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