Sustainable development in business management

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Dear readers, nowadays talking about sustainable development is not new, in universities and companies it is a much discussed topic but rarely implemented. Sustainable development implies integral changes in the ways of doing things, since previously when talking about development the focus was only on the economic component, a situation that has changed worldwide because the social and environmental component is also integrated so that there is a true balance. Therefore, the challenge is for companies to adapt to this change of paradigm.

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There is no doubt that in recent years great progress has been made, in different fields from the scientific to the technological that have allowed the increase in the purchasing power of the population, but despite this it is contradictory, because, even if the purchasing level is increased, it has not been possible to achieve a harmonious balance between society and nature. All of this is caused by not taking into account externalities such as the decrease in biodiversity, deforestation among other aspects that have been the trigger for many harmful meteorological phenomena that make the survival of the human species on the planet shudder.

In 1992, the United Nations conference legalized the integration of the environment into development, calling it sustainable development. This new concept of development integrates new indicators such as quality of life based on environmental and social aspects that can improve living standards for society.

In this sense, companies today have economic, social and environmental responsibilities that ensure the welfare of their members and their surroundings. For this reason, Locano (2000), pointed out that for a company to be successful and achieve sustainable development it must integrate concepts such as social responsibility and environmental management into its business development programs. The following is a brief description of social responsibility and environmental management.

- Social responsibility: when speaking of this aspect to be taken into account in companies, reference is made to the capacity that companies have to respond to social needs, such as: socio-labour characteristics, social services of the company to the staff, relationship with the community, integration and development of the staff.

- Environmental management: in this aspect, according to Locano, there is talk of business eco-efficiency, which is the ability of a company to produce more from less, with the intention of reducing pollution, excess waste, less energy consumption which of course is transformed into cost reduction.

Dear readers, as you can see sustainable development is fundamental in the different economic areas, the idea is to achieve a balance between the economic, social and environmental components, avoiding the contamination of ecosystems, reducing costs, as well as complying with the salary and social rights of workers that allow them to have a better quality of life.

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Locano, F. (2000). Business management and sustainable development.


Greetings dear teacher @amestyj

Every company, regardless of the sector, must adapt its production schemes to methods that are in accordance with the care of the environment, in the search to contribute to the reduction of environmental problems, and thus act in favor of climate change. Thank you for this beautiful reading.

We agree dear friend @lupafilotaxia, every company should be governed by the principles of sustainability to achieve excellent results, without influencing the climate changes.

See you later, have an excellent week, blessings !

Certainly the development that can be had in the economic thing is going to depend on the actions that are executed so that they go oriented to the sustainable ones, mainly in the matter of environmental preservation.

Greetings and thanks for sharing.

Greetings dear friend @sandracarrascal, sustainable development is fundamental to maintain the business balance, although we are all moved by money, we cannot discard important aspects related to social and environmental aspects.

See you later, have an excellent week !

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Greetings dear friends, thank you for the support you give to my content, see you later, have success !

The balance between economic development and environmental responsibility is possible, there are many success stories, you just need the will to do things right, not generate profits at the expense of the ecosystem.

That's right dear friend @emiliomoron, you should not generate profits by destroying the ecosystem, such practices should be punished and sanction whoever causes any kind of pollution from production.

See you later, many successes brother !

The preservation of the environment is a determining factor in the way of doing business, simply because it is not possible to carry out a productive activity by overexploiting the ecosystems, an activity that would collapse when the resources are exhausted, which is why sustainable ways must be considered if you want to have a prosperous business over time.

Hello friend @yusvelazque, maintaining a long-term business deserves to take into account the externalities, we can not produce causing disruption in communities. If we produce consciously we will achieve balance in the ecosystems.

See you later, have an excellent week !

Hello @amestyj.
The harmonic gear in the economic, social and environmental issues must prevail in any organizational entity, although there are many advances that we have achieved in terms of Sustainable Development and Sustainability, I believe that the task is still unfinished and we must continue working on achieving this balance. Thank you for your contribution

Greetings dear friend @madridbg, you are right, much has been done to implement the principles of sustainable development in organizations, but little progress has been made in this regard, much more must be done to achieve a real balance, which guarantees future generations a better quality of life.

See you later, have an excellent weekend !

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