Some tips for a healthy life.

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Dear readers, we all know how important it is to have a healthy life, this publication aims to share some aspects that from my point of view is essential to lead a healthy life.

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To begin with, I have considered that an important habit of a healthy life is a good diet, based primarily on the consumption of vegetables of course without neglecting animal protein and carbohydrates, it is important to avoid excessive consumption of fats and sugars, as they can damage our health over time causing diseases such as diabetes or hypertension, are aspects that I have observed in some members of my family who suffer from diabetes.

On the other hand, as a person who has practiced sports since I was very young, everyone should do at least 1 hour of exercise daily in order to expel all the calories consumed during the day, other benefits of going to the gym or exercising at home is that it helps to combat the stress of everyday life, plus you can improve the physical and most importantly health avoiding diseases such as obesity among others.

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Water consumption is also important, since it is a fundamental element for the physiological functions of life, some specialists say that you should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day because it helps the organs to function as they should. What we should not do is let our work consume us and neglect our diet, but we should not become sedentary either, everything in excess is bad.

It is also important to rest, so it is important to sleep the necessary hours to rest the body. Sometimes you can have continuous tiredness, this is why it is important that people can prioritize and work for themselves and take care of their health. some people recommend resting at least 8 hours a night.

Dear readers, it is important to consider taking some time to think about which things are being done well and which are not, in order to improve, since it is all a matter of desire, and the priority will always be the health and well-being of each person. In many cases indifference can cause great damage because it allows the appearance of stress or anxiety.


Nice tips here. I agree very well with the benefits of water consumption. Since I started drinking enough water, I noticed a positive improvement on my overall health. I have learnt to be drinking water early in the morning as a way to start the day and it helps a lot.
I love also the points you raised about sports. It is very good to maintain body health, and of course taking rests.

Thanks for sharing this amazing piece buddy

Greetings friend, I'm glad you identify with the content, water is an essential nutrient for the proper functioning of our body, coupled with exercise and a good diet sure we can lead a quieter and healthier life.

See you later, have a great week.

To lead a healthy life in a world invaded by transgenic food, with increasingly smaller spaces to exercise and an air quality where smog is king, is a challenge, but we must strive to follow the advice you give, which are excellent, although for that we must escape to buy fruits and vegetables in the countryside, by the way you forgot to name the first ones. We must understand that logic indicates that you must burn as many calories as we ingest to maintain the balance and escape from obesity or excess fat that damages our body. @tipu curate 3

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Hello dear friend @joseph1956, thank you for leaving your comment, which leaves very interesting contributions, since, as you mention there are some countries that base agriculture with transgenic crops, something that is harmful to our health, we must know what to eat and where to buy it, ideally it should be free of toxic residues.

Having a healthy life requires some effort, but it is worth it. See you later brother, have a good week.

They are very good tips my friend, exercise and eat well are essential for our health, and sometimes our hectic lifestyle we forget about it or leave it in second place without considering that this eventually takes its toll on us, and sometimes with simple modifications such as including little exercise time and drink more water we achieve great results. Greetings my friend.

Greetings my friend @emiliomoron, I'm glad you find my advice useful, sometimes when we immerse ourselves in our obligations we neglect our food and besides we become sedentary people, that will take its toll on the body at any time.

See you later brother, thank you for leaving your appreciations, blessings for your family !

Hello @amestyj!
Certainly maintaining a good habit in our diet, sleep and exercise will allow us to enjoy good health, especially at this time. However, as you say it is important to reflect on what is good and what we are working on to achieve it, we must start as you did at a young age to avoid long-term diseases as much as possible. Greetings!!

Hello @yusvelazsquez, it is a pleasure for me to greet you, certainly we must adopt healthy habits, because, as we advance in age begin to be observed in our bodies all those abuses or imbalances by giving priorities to other activities and forget what really matters which is health.

See you later friend, blessings and success for you.

Hydration is essential while exercising and overall for the people's health, thanks for the info!

Hello friend, thanks to you for your opinion, without a doubt hydration is fundamental to keep our organism active.

See you later, happy week.

Oh, I'm actually a little sad for not being able to follow any of the healthy life tips you shared above, I spend most of my day taking lectures and studying so I barely get 5hours of sleep daily and no time for exercise too it's maybe walking while studying only, sometimes I give up on improving my lifestyle.

Thanks for the tips, great reminder for me to work harder for better health.

Hi @lennyblogs00, like you I also do a lot of activities my profession deserves it, but we can not leave in the background our health apart a few minutes of your time and exercise, rest and of course eat very well.

Thanks for sharing your situation in this regard, see you later, I hope you take into account the advice.

Awesome insights... aerobic exercises and sports are a very good way of keeping the body fit and healthy

Hi @chimzycash, no doubt exercises and sports will allow you to exercise your body to burn certain calories and of course it will take you away from the daily routine that sometimes results in stress.

I'm glad you find these tips useful, have a great week !

Nice piece and helpful at the same time.

Hi @valchiz, I am very glad that it is useful the article for you, thanks for leaving your appreciation.

See you later, hope you are well.

Hi @amestyj, I share your opinion that a healthy life is to have a balanced diet, do physical exercises and also consider healthy habits of rest and sleep, with this we would have a good foundation for physical and mental health.
Thank you for sharing this information.
Greetings, happy day

Hi @raizayáñez, thank you for your input, as you mention these tips are a basis for maintaining a healthy life, we just have to adapt our life routine in the implementation of healthy activities that allow you to have a nourished, energetic and stress-free body.

See you later, have a great week.

Hello @amestyj Very important topic, and the ideas you give about it, I will take them into account in my day to day...thanks for sharing!

Hello friend @yossaeluz I'm glad you took my advice into account, it is satisfying for me to know that it has a great utility for you. So let's live a stress free life and with a good diet.

See you later, have a great week.

Hello dear friend, an important topic, our health, I think many of these things we already know but not all of us implement them, sometimes it is already too late when we realize the lost time, we should not wait for a chronic disease to act, the time is today. Greetings!

Hello dear friend @franyeligonzalez, it is a pleasure for me to greet you, what you mention is true, we all know how healthy can be the advice I mentioned, but not everyone puts it into practice, sometimes the occupations consume many people and when they realize they have a very run over lifestyle, with manifestations of multiple anomalies in their bodies.

See you later friend, I hope you are well, success.