Livestock and global warming

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Dear readers, warming is a topic that has been talked about a lot because of its influence on the sudden climate changes that the planet has suffered. It is necessary to start by pointing out that there is a natural phenomenon known as the greenhouse effect that is caused by a group of gases that accumulate in the atmosphere creating a kind of protective layer, which allows the sun's rays to penetrate, but prevents part of the heat generated on earth from returning to space, maintaining a pleasant warm environment on the planet, the problem is that for years has been increasing the amount of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, among others), causing overheating of the earth, known by all as global warming.

Nowadays, global warming apart from COVID-19 is the biggest concern in the world, it is a problem that has been debated by politicians, artists, scientists, it has become an uncomfortable truth for many industries and different documentaries have been made about it, most people think that these gases only come from industries, cars, airplanes, but it is a surprise for some when they discover that the livestock sector is one of the ones that contributes a considerable amount of methane gas from cows (ruminants).

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All this is because ruminants have a complex digestive system, composed of several compartments, which is capable of degrading plant fiber, but for this they need a large number of anaerobic microorganisms that is in the absence of oxygen, producing many products among which is methane gas, which according to some researchers like Lopez (2013), is 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, as it is more effective at trapping heat.

Cows, according to some scientists, can produce between 500 and 700 liters of methane per day. These animals release the gas into the atmosphere when they defecate and generate gases and when they are consuming food, since ruminants regurgitate the ingested food to re-chew it and salivate it. The ideal is not to confine the animals in stables, it would be advisable to let them consume grasses at free will and thus avoid an excessive production of methane, there are many campaigns against this animal category, but the consumption of meat and milk is very high worldwide.

Dear readers, we must make a rational use of natural resources, because apart from cows there is an imbalance in livestock ecosystems with deforestation, which results in the loss of biodiversity and effective capture of carbon dioxide, one of the ecological alternatives that can be implemented in livestock systems are silvopastoral systems, which consists of the integration of trees or shrubs in these systems that provide organic matter, atmospheric nitrogen and apart from that serve as food for these animals, so we can have more sustainable ecosystems.

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López, V. (2013). Climate change and global warming. Mexico: Trillas.


I read your publication and although the topic is related to global warming, which is a multifactorial problem, the first thing I thought of was the famous book, Blame the Cow ...

That's how we are with global warming.

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Greetings dear friend @lanzjoseg, as you mentioned we are facing a multifactorial problem, because of the unbalanced management we offer to our ecosystems, and although the fault is not clearly the cows, they provide greenhouse gases, although I think we are more to blame for this phenomenon.

See you later, have a merry Christmas with your family !

Until people really understand the seriousness of this problem (Global Warming), it is necessary to talk exhaustively about it.

Nice post, @amestyj.

I completely agree with you my friend, it is necessary to talk exhaustively about this phenomenon that has caused multiple problems at a climatic level that influence different sectors of society.

See you later, have a merry Christmas with your family !

Hi @amestyj - This is a great post on an important topic. I don't think people understand the enormity of the problem we are facing around global warming and also that are continued indulgence in eating so much meat is really killing us. We need to limit our meat consumption and consider an alternative source of protein. Our current approach is simply not sustainable.

Thanks for sharing a great post. Stay safe.

Greetings friend, unfortunately we maintain unsustainable customs and the management that we do in different parts of the world for the production of meat and milk are not the most appropriate, sometimes we forget that everything in excess is bad, coupled with this large industries also generate many pollutant gases.

See you later, have a happy Christmas and enjoy with your loved ones !

Greetings teacher and friend @amestyj

Excellent topic, it is deduced, that the global heating is the responsible for the appearance of pandemics, therefore the COVID-19 is direct consequence of the greenhouse effect that affects the ecosystems of the planet, certainly the cattle activity is a sector that contributes gases of greenhouse effect mainly due to the methods of handling of the flock that generate these imbalances, your proposal to let them consume grasses to will or of natural way, in effect would avoid to create these high production of methane gas in the cattle units.

Greetings dear colleague and friend @lupafilotaxia, climatic disorders, as you point out can be the cause of severe diseases, when the natural balance of ecosystems is broken, you have devastating results for the planet, the blame can easily be shared with the cow.

See you later brother, merry Christmas, blessings to my godchildren and greetings to the comadre. Enjoy!

The ecological issue is something that is very publicized these days, now I am not so sure that it is a real fight for the benefit of the planet, every day I see things like the enormous criticism of "Grindadráp" and on the other hand the total silence of what is happening in the Amazon on the Venezuelan side with the extraction of gold to cite an example, The struggles to save the planet by environmental groups are selective, in one struggle it is convenient to peel and in the other it is more simply better to be silent, the The planet suffers and many of these groups only use this suffering for political purposes.

Hello friend, in recent years has been raising sustainable development for different sectors including livestock, but ignores the environmentally safe ways to produce, sustainability is fashionable and has become a phrase, because it is imposed as you mention personal and economic interests over the collective welfare.

See you later my friend, thanks for your comment, have a happy Christmas with your family !

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You're welcome @amestyj
Merry Christmas to you and your family 🎅

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Today that we have full knowledge of how traditional methods of livestock management have these effects it is necessary to implement new methods that help minimize these effects, however, as you mentioned, our meat and milk needs have not allowed the main regulatory bodies to deal with anything other than production.

Greetings friend @emiliomoron, no doubt new models of sustainable production will contribute to maintain the balance in the ecosystems, it is all a matter of putting them into practice and that the competent agencies demanded their implementation.

See you later friend, have a happy new year !