Artificial intelligence in the agricultural sector

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Dear readers, we have described different technological tools that are useful for speeding up agro-productive tasks in agro-ecosystems. In some of the tools described above, artificial intelligence plays a fundamental role, because despite the fact that agriculture and livestock farming are very old activities and with a certain degree of rusticity, the technological advances made by artificial intelligence have gained some space in the agricultural sector, seeking to perfectly imitate the role of human beings in activities aimed at food production and thus achieve the food security that is so desired.

It is no secret that agricultural producers need to obtain the necessary data on different variables of the production system. For this reason, some have decided to move towards precision agriculture with the use of different technologies that allow them to obtain reliable data on yield, production and even climatic elements. In this sense, the Mexican magazine of agricultural research has published some articles on the subject of artificial intelligence and some researchers point out that it is a new computer technique where programmers train computers to detect patterns, such as in the knowledge of plant health to recognize healthy and sick leaves.

For his part, researchers such as Berbel from the University of Cordoba in Spain for many years since the 1990s pointed out that since agriculture is an activity where climatic, ecological and economic data must be obtained, it was necessary to resort to artificial intelligence through the construction of expert systems, which consists of trying to achieve with the use of technological tools such as computers the same results obtained by a human expert, such as integrated crop management, phytopathology (disease diagnosis).

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Starting from these premises for the management of crops through the system of experts in artificial intelligence, it is necessary to group a group of experts in areas such as plant physiology, entomology, phytopathology, soil, among other specialties, with the intention that the programmer can train the computer in the detection of patterns based on the information obtained from experts in the agricultural area. This is a work that may have evolved much more, but it is part of the technical recognition by a team or technological tool for data collection and field diagnostics.

Dear readers, there is no doubt that these are advances that have been gradually developed during many years, but that currently have become an alternative for some producers, the technology came to stay and speed up many processes in different economic areas, but the ideal is to make a rational use of it, so as not to turn it into a dangerous tool for our natural ecosystems, the point of view of experts in the area will always be necessary. This technology can be framed in the new paradigm known as sustainable development as long as its function is not to try to replace the technical knowledge acquired by professionals in the agricultural area, its use can be a complement to food production.

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Hello dear friend @amestyj good afternoon
Without a doubt, the most successful farmers are those who handle very good information about their activity; Incorporating technological information in the activity is very positive, especially if we think that there is a new generation of young people willing to use this tool in their management.
I really appreciate the information you provide us. Thank you very much for your dedication.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon.
A hug for you and all your family

Hello my dear friend @jlufer, nice to greet you, the information we can collect in the field is vital to achieve good crop management, the new generations as you say are those who will begin to train in these technologies useful for agricultural production.

See you later brother, God bless you, greetings to your beautiful family, I send you a hug!

One of the things I would like is for this technology to be in the hands of farmers in countries with low production. I believe that if we link the "AI" with the chain of blocks, all this knowledge can be passed on.

Greetings friend, it would be ideal that countries with low production have access to such technology, it would allow you to have information continuously, having a synergy with the block chains will allow all this to become a reality without so much bureaucracy.

See you later friend, have an excellent week.