Whatsapp New Policy 2021 and User's Reaction

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Hello Everyone,

Whatsapp has recently announced the change in privacy and started pushing the nonfiction to their users for accepting the same. The deadline for accepting the new policy is 8th Feb 2021 so we have about a month time to think and agree and if its not accepted by 8th fen then you won't be able to use the WhatsApp service anymore.

I see that in the last few days people are talking about Whatsapp's new policy because as per the new policy there data will be shared with Facebook and this is not okay with many of the users. This is the link to the WhatsApp NEW POLICY and if you have not yet received the notification or haven't gone through the details then you can check it out here.


WhatsApp alerted users to a new privacy policy effective February 8, that expressly says that WhatsApp will share user data with its parent company Facebook. Users earlier had an opt-out option, which won't be available now.

These days privacy is one the biggest thing and in general no one wants to compromise with it which I think is the right thing. Why should we share our information for companies like Facebook that earn money with it and we also don't know how our personal information will be handled. After this policy announcement, many users have deleted their WhatsApp or started looking for alternative options like Telegram and Signal app.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk also shared a tweet to start using Signal and now Signal is one of the top free apps in the Google play store. I believe there is nothing wrong to find ways for revenue generation but these big technology companies must think that earning money through someone's personal information is not right and this should not happen at all.


Technology is all about making our like easy and safe but such decisions threaten us and its right if people are boycotting it because this is not a fair practice.

Seems like the Signal app will get the benefits of the current issue and even telegram is a good alternative. The signal app has even introduced the option to move WhatsApp group to signal and I think this way it will help the transition easy.



Whatsapp has come a long way and here in India few banks have started WhatsApp banking so it would not be easy to leave it but looking at the new policy it seems that staying with WhatsApp is like giving permission to Facebook for having all of our information on their data centers.

Thank you so much.

Have a great day.


Read the articles about this few days ago, I will wait till feb if nothing changes then I will sure uninstall it 😊🙏

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Also like you I see the decision of whatsapp badly, I believe that it is necessary to look for other options related to other applications. Greetings friend and thank you for sharing this information

yes, you are right and we should not compromise our privacy at any cost.

How is Signal? Used?

I have not used signal yet but thinking to give it a try soon.

Hi @alokkumar121

We should all be concerned about the privacy of our data but I don't think most will. I expect that most people in forums like Hive, already understand the concepts. However, when I speak to other people at work, in my social circle or in my family, they don't see the problems. They will say things like, "I have nothing to hide."

We probably need to have a couple of scenarios to explain to people as arguments to help them understand. I have not read about the changes enough to have any though. Any thoughts on the best argument for someone new to the concepts?

Hi @alokkumar121
It would really be an unwanted change, but if there is no change in relation to the privacy policy, I will evaluate which option is more feasible for my use.
Thank you for the information

hi dear @alokkumar121

Why should we share our information for companies like Facebook that earn money with it and we also don't know how our personal information will be handled

they just want their advertising to be more effective, in my case when they enter my whatsaap they will be able to see my ip and they will know that I have a ps4 connected to my network, so when I open my facebook and my instagram I will get ps4 advertisements, that's all . there is no way to support a free service surely signal also sells your data

well the funny thing is I accepted it without reading. And this is what most people have done. Later i came to know about this when i saw that twitter trend. It;s time to uninstall this whatsapp?

Hello friend, I really don't see the problem if they already use our data and have control of everything. Regardless of whether we accept it or not, in my case they will still be in control of many things, in my case I am aware of this, unfortunately not everyone knows it, they simply act like robots and let themselves go, but whoever is aware of everything can move forward. This is my opinion.

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