Telegram will Launch ad Platform and monetize the App

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Hello Everyone

Telegram is one of the leading social media messaging app that many of us use every day. It has certainly made communication easy and for some functions its even better than WhatsApp. Even I use telegram to communicate with various Business groups and Cryptocurrency exchanges. The good thing about telegram is that it has no limit of users to be part of and I can see some groups have a huge number of users part of the group.



The telegram was launched a few years after WhatsApp in the year 2013 and I have seen more people joining it in the last few years. I think that after crypto popularity in 2017 more people have started using telegram and nowadays there are so many channels treated for movie download as well. It may not have a userbase like WhatsApp but in terms of functionalities, I don't find it less than WhatsApp. Whatsapp has already started their business channel option and they charge for the same and now its time for a telegram to follow the trend.



Instant messaging app Telegram is “approaching” 500 million users and plans to generate revenue starting next year to keep the business afloat, its founder Pavel Durov said on Wednesday. Durov said he has personally bankrolled the seven-year-old business so far, but as the startup scales, he is looking for ways to monetize the instant messaging service. “A project of our size needs at least a few hundred million dollars per year to keep going,” he said.


This is the reality that any company needs funding to sustain the business and introduce new technology as well and telegram has come to the same place. Its going to start charging for business groups however user's chat will remain free.



Telegram is so advanced with technology that we can share heavy files, media, voice notes, and even we can use it for audio and video calls. This is not all because technology is all about innovation and bringing new things and if any project is not earning revenue then it would be difficult for the company to run the operation and bear its cost. Lack of funds will also stop new research that will not be good at all.

Telegram team will launch its advertisement platform to generate revenue and monetize the app and this way they will try to gain some revenue and I think for a user it will be a little disturbing but we should be ok with it however they will provide the option to opt for pay and remove the ad any time.

Thank you so much



Telegram is a search engine 😁🙏

are you using telegram to search for the information?

Yes I do to search for software, movies , web series and for other stuffs too

yeah. right .. Its not just a messaging app and its much more. Even I do this sometimes. It has many kinds of stuff. Thanks for your comment buddy.

my pleasure sir thanks to you.🙏😁

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Hi @alokkumar121

I use telegram and it has good functions, especially that allows you to create groups where many people can be included, surpassing WhatsApp, since the Russians bought that platform I feel that they improved it, now it will be more attractive when it is monetized.

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Hello @lanzjoseg
Indeed telegram is a feature-loaded app and most of us use it every day. thanks for sharing your thought and your support through tipu.

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Greetings friend @alokkumar121

This news, for many Telegram users will not bother them, of the conventional platforms one of the ones I use the most is precisely Telegram, I like its versatility or at least its interface in my particular case I like it: Thank you for socializing the information.

Thanks for sharing a nice comment.

ads on telegram, telegram have been quite useful so far and lot of people are now fully using it especially for meetings. but the ads part is a good idea but hope it wont be so annoying that it will distract users

You are right and this way telegram will find a way to get some revenue. Thanks for sharing your thought.

Hi @alokkumar121

It's kind of a gamble that will telegram, as far as I can see. While it's true that he needs to produce money in order to finance the project, it's also true that these changes will always generate opposing opinions.
People think they deserve a lot of things, including the fact that everything is free. Being used to using telegram for free and now having to pay for some services will surely bring rejection from many. But reality says that every company must produce in order to survive.

Hi @josevas217
I agree with your point because not everyone is happy to pay for all the services that earlier are available for free. It would be interesting to see how telegram keeps its users happy along with money generation. They will however target businesses to pay and not to individual users like WhatsApp has been doing for over 2 years.

The case of the telegram is interesting because from the functional point of view it has nothing to envy to the whatapp, but it seems that he does not enjoy the attention that has the other app, I think it is more functional and something that I notice is that every day one or two of my contacts install this app are their phones, no doubt this app is gaining ground little by little. Regarding the paid part I just hope it doesn't include annoying advertising.

Interesting post. I always liked Telegram due to slightly better functionality but struggled to convince people outside the world of crypto. I know they need to make money so I don't blame them but there is a risk that it dilutes their user base and people find an alternative platform.

good idea!