Importance and Usage of technology

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Hello Everyone

Its the weekend and I hope that you guys are doing well and enjoying the weekend as well.

This is my submission for the Project Hope competition that was announced a couple of days back and here is the official post for the same.



Although this is a writing contest but slightly different from the normal contest and in this, we need to write a post based on the lines shared in the post.

"Technology is important, but the only thing that really matters is what we do with it." Muhammad Yunus

talking about the above lines shared in the post and sharing my view and thoughts about technology. I always believe that Technology can not just make our life easy through innovative solutions but also it has a huge potential to make a positive and significant impact in our lifestyle. Its true that technology can be used both ways. I mean to say by busing both ways means we can use for betterment for human life and community and even for something that can benefit only a few individuals. Everything has its good or bad and technology is not an exception in this case so when we think of using it for some purpose then we must think about this aspect that we need to use for positive change.



Today we are highly dependent upon technology and in the future, this is going to increase even more. Starting with our day in the morning until we reach bed for sleep, we used many things that are with us as a part of technological innovation. It could be a mobile phone, laptop, PC, High-end gadgets, internet, smart devices, and much more. We are in the ear when we can get a lot of tasks done by just voice command and I feel that this is just the beginning as best of it is yet to come.

I am drafting this post on a blockchain-based social media platform which is way more advanced than traditional social media. Just imagine that can we think for the same 10 years back? Obviously no.. because ten years back we were not ready for this and now we have.

Technology is the power that is given to us provided we use it wisely and work in it with the thought to make our life easy and even contribute for something to bring positive changes in other's life.




When I look around, I see that people are working on phone and phone is one of the most used devices that we all have with us. No doubt, it has given us more power to do things on the go and saved a lot of our time. It has even given us the option to earn on the move but at the same time, excess use of phones is an addiction which is very bad. Like the line shared in the post says that what we do with it is very important and the same principle applies here. Its very important what we do with our phones and how we make our life better makes a big difference.



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