Google was Down and Google explains why

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Hi Everyone,

When we talk about technology and the internet then the first name that comes is Google. We use Google for our daily needs to get information, email access, etc. I think that most of us either use one or more services by Google on daily basis. Undoubtedly with android phones, we get many services involved in our in daily life including Gmail, photos, and youtube, etc. Even this year because of the Covid-19 Google Meet app has got a huge number of users worldwide.


Now since we are using google for various purposes so its really difficult to manage when google is down. Most of us are aware that Google was down for some time on 14th Dec 2020 and because of that users had to stop their work and even many things did not get through as planned. Even I had a google meet session scheduled but I could not do it because of this outage. I am sure that many of you might have a tough time because of Google services outsage. I also think that Gmail was one of the biggest problems for many users worldwide as compared to other services.


Now Google explained the reason for this service outage and what corrective action they are going to take so that it does not happen again.

Google uses an evolving suite of automation tools to manage the quota of various resources allocated for services. As part of an ongoing migration of the User ID Service to a new quota system, a change was made in October to register the User ID Service with the new quota system, but parts of the previous quota system were left in place which incorrectly reported the usage for the User ID Service as 0. An existing grace period on enforcing quota restrictions delayed the impact, which eventually expired, triggering automated quota systems to decrease the quota allowed for the User ID service and triggering this incident. Existing safety checks exist to prevent many unintended quota changes, but at the time they did not cover the scenario of zero reported loads for a single service,” Google said in its blog.



After this incident, Google apologized to all the users for this incident and they also mentioned that they take it seriously and will try their best to improve the situation to avoid a repeat. I understand that technology is evolving but at the same time, a little bug can create a big problem, and sometimes even the Biggest techie Google can't find it in advance.

Thank you so much.

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Hello @alokkumar121
Certainly, a flaw in a system such as Google, which has cornered many areas, can put many aspects of life in trouble. But considering that many companies make use of its services
That could be a very big future problem.
In some moments I think it would happen if at some point the internet stopped working in the world...

Hi friend @josevas217
what you have said is absolutely correct and the Google outage makes us stop in many things.
Its really scary if the internet ever stops because many of us won't have anything to do in that case. Thanks.

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is not the first time that the service of one of these large companies lose the signal for a hours, is something normal and believe that no one is the worldcan guarantee a continuous service forever now with how connected this modern society lose the signal for a few hours in fatal and more if it is one of the most used services on the web as is GMAIL , a good friend told me that google would become the skynet for our times

I think that this has happened a few times earlier as well but that happened a few years back. Gmail is the most used email service and such outrage impacts a lot. thanks.

As I mentioned before, we are a society that depends on its connection to the web. Every day more and more.

absolutely true.

Recurring Google failures (even if they are not that long) can be a big problem for large companies. They need to be more aware of possible new failures.

definitely, it can be a big problem for companies so google must take it seriously.