5G Technology Rollout in 2021

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We are living in the 21st Century and in this era technology is one of the things that is getting evolved at a high pace and we are fortunate to witness all of this. It may not be the best of all these technological innovations but the future seems to so much tech-driven and probably in the next 5-10 years, things will be way smarter.

When we talk about technology then we can't ignore the data speed because most of such things are dependent upon data and a significant internet speed required to experience the best of it. Our phones have become so smart and we can do lots more with these devices but without high-speed internet, it does not do much. From 2g,3G and now 4g technology in telecommunication available across the worlds and this now move the thing to 5th generation of technology for telecom services.



Although 5g technology as of now in the early stage and many countries are working on it for roll out so India is also leading the segment. Currently, in India, there are 3 major players operating in telecom services and all of these are working hard to bring the technology for their users as soon as possible. In fact, the 5G trial has already been started and govt approval is awaited so once the approval is provided then the 5g rollout will start in India.



Jio will pioneer the 5G revolution in India in the second half of 2021. It will be powered by an indigenous-developed network, hardware, and technology components. ... While the Indian government is still mulling over 5G trials, countries like China, South Korea, and the US have raced ahead in 5G deployments

This year 2021 is going to bring lots of innovation and progress in the 5g roll out and once this is available then users will be able to experience high-speed internet that will enable data download in quite less time and speed will be switched from MBPS to GBPS. This speed shift is going to be a great move and now since we already use much amount of data every day so this will help us save a lot of time. While this will be available soon so I also expect that this should be affordable so that more people can be part of it and if prices will be higher then its not going to help many people.

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Indeed, today's world is developing rapidly and before you know it, new technologies are appearing to make people's lives easier. And all these technologies in most cases are connected with the high-speed Internet. Probably not all countries yet have access to such Internet, but I think in the future it will not be a problem.

True that technologies are evolving and with this development, things become so smarter and also it helps our life become smarter. Thanks for stopping by

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What are the 3 companies India will use to deploy the 5G network?

Jio, Airtel and VI. are the companies going to deploy 5G.

I hope this technology reaches Venezuela where we have the worst connection service in the world, it would be a dream to have a connection speed that gives us access to the digital world without so many problems, I imagine that this year telecommunications will be able to provide a global service in 5G free of censorship by dictators.

Access to latest technology should be provided to everyone across the world so that people can grow and stay updated. Thanks for stopping by

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