We are not talking about Envy but about Nvidia

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Walking through the world of the news, a word caught my attention that in the Spanish language would only lack the vowel "E" to complete the word "Envidea", but the truth is that when reading the article I realized that they were talking about of a new gadget, product, card, tool (whatever you want to call it) called Nvidia RTX 3090.


Today I am about to share with you what I learned about Nvidia RTX 3090 and we both came out winning, you who read and I who decide to share what I learned with the intention that the knowledge is more fixed.

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What is Nvidia?

Its manufacturers call it RTX 3090 boards, those who market it call it a product and its users call it cards.

The truth is that boards, products or cards, the new Nvidia RTX 3090 was designed for cryptocurrency mining.

This class of products fits very well to mining but for the gamer industry, there are even those who assure that its power is up to 120 Mh/s, which offers an excellent option to excavate the ETH cryptocurrency.

Among the characteristics are:

  • Higher level of AI performance
  • Powered by Ampere (Ampere GPU generation)
  • RT cores
  • Improved streaming multiprocessors
  • 24 GB of G6X memory
  • 60 frames per second
  • Raytracing at 8K to play
  • New graphic standard for gamers.
  • Its processing capacity surpasses any on the market.

If you are one of the people who love games, the Nvidia is a very good option as a graphics card for PC gaming. Users who have purchased it compare the price with its benefits and think that it is well worth it.

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Cryptocurrency miners and graphics cards

The objective of knowing this class of articles such as Nvidia is to know about the existence of tools or products designed especially for the cryptographic world.

In this sense, in recent years the number of people interested in acquiring them has increased, especially because the demand for GPUs has increased. A GPU is short for Graphics Processing Unity, which can be associated as the heart and brain of a graphics card (in the same way that a CPU represents a PC).


The GPUs are in charge of performing the complex calculations that will allow a better processing of the games and therefore the mining process becomes more effective.

That is why users see these kinds of products not as an expense but as an investment. And today I am presenting you the best product that you can find so far according to the characteristics that I have mentioned.

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Well friends, I hope you have learned something more about the wide range of products related to cryptocurrency mining, I did learn something else and that is profit, especially if it is investment.

We are still on the lookout for another current and interesting product that I can show you.

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