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From the time that man began to create things for his own convenience, we had always thought that we had arrived at the limit of technological growth at every decade of human race until another improvement occurs.


With the current insurgence of artificial intelligence and movement into space, a lot of humans feel there is no other improvement that may come up after this and we are just at the point where technology must have reached its peak, but I feel we may not be too certain about this.

Kardashev a one-time Russian astronomer came up with a method of measuring technological growth even if at that time we had no knowledge about how far technology was going to evolve. He came up with three predicted civilization stages.

Type 1 Civilization Stage.

We can no longer argue that the human race is moving towards harnessing solar energy and before we get to the point of complete ability to harness solar power it means we have virtually everything on our planet making use of the energy from the sun, this is what will result in a planetary type of civilization.
In order to get to the level of planetary civilization it means we would have harnessed 174,000 Tera watt of energy from the sun and currently the earth only makes use of 15 Tera watt. In order to get to the level of type one civilization, we will have to completely harness the energy of the sun placing solar panels everywhere around our world and using the energy obtained from them for our daily consumable usage.

Type 2 Civilization Stage.

A type two level of civilization will move beyond harnessing the power of the sun to making use of the power of the star, harnessing every energy that comes from the star and using it effectively for our everyday use, this type two level of civilization will not need solar panels any longer.

Type 3 Civilization Stage.

After harnessing the energy of the star, human race at the third stage of civilization will begin to harness energy that comes from our home galaxies.

Looking at the opposite view, John Barrow had a different theory to the growth of civilization, his own theorem looked at humans harnessing their power on an inward level, his own view was that human civilization can be measured by our level of reduction basically on our inward view starting from harnessing the power of atom and then focusing on a lower level of reduction to growth.

If we look follow the patterns drawn out by these scientist on civilization, we will realize that we are nowhere close to the type of civilization described and there is still much more to be discovered in the world of technology.

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Interesting information, my friend! I really had no idea about that division, it's always good to learn something new!

I am happy to share too friend, whenever I learn something new I love to share with others.

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