The Future of Renewable Energy

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Renewable energy is a remarkable addition to our world, if we no longer have to depend on petroleum or fuels for survival and all we have to do is to totally depend on renewable energy then it is going to save our planet from lots of disaster.


The Importance of Renewable Energy.

Renewable source of energy is cheaper than most other sources of energy that we currently use.
Renewable energy unlike the fuel will not emit carbon dioxide and this means there will be no reason or case of global warming, change in climate and the degradation of the quality of air we breathe in will reduce greatly.

Asides from the infrastructure needed to get constructed at the beginning, there is no other maintenance required for the smooth running of the energy.

Renewable energy will bring the peace we deserve, putting an end to the total war and conflict caused by fossil fuels.

Since renewable energy will not require any form of maintenance, it is possible to have a stable price for electricity globally.

China is greatly investing money into renewable energy sources providing more employment for citizens in this field, China as a country is leading India and United State in the race of solar investment.

Future sources of energy.


Space based solar power.

This is an idea that may become practical in the future, the sun radiates a lot of energy and only a certain percentage of the energy gets to reach the earth, if a solar power can be placed into space, the energy from the sun will be tapped even more closely and the effect of this earth will be sent straight to the earth and useful for humans.

Human power.

The essence of human power is to make electricity so small that it becomes possible that a simple movement can power a phone, while this appears like what many of us might not be interested in, scientists are trying to look for ways to totally eliminate the effect of the poison that come from fossil fuels.

Tidal energy.

This transforms and taps energy from water bodies into the energy we can use in our homes and offices.

Powering homes and vehicles with hydrogen.

Hydrogen does not exist as a single molecule It is a combination of other molecules, but when it is separated, the hydrogen alone can be used to power homes and vehicles without causing any form of pollution.

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I am a fan of renewable energy with solar in particular, it is going to be a new source of electricity largely in the future

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I greatly desire that also, thanks for reading.

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Renewable energies are ecological green energy alternatives where our ecosystems will not be altered and the carbon dioxides emitted into the atmosphere will disappear. The sources of renewable energy are wind and photovoltaic, which are emitted by the sun.

Where we are looking to have a model of sustainable development and sustainable in time as much as for the present and also so that resources are not altered for future generations. Thank you very important information friend greetings.