The Fast Rising Competition amongst Electric Cars

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Before coronavirus became a widely spread diseases that kept everyone and everything in check, a lot of auto mobile companies were seen to be trying out different models of electric cars, the electric car industry which seem like the future car in some countries has become a reality and fast rising auto mobile in others.

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But even when different auto mobile companies are keeping their focus on electric vehicles, one company happens to be the major leader as the sale of their version of electric vehicles is spreading very fast in the market. New York announced the total sale of 246,115 electric cars in 2019 and out of the numbers of car sold, tesla alone sold 193,850, this implies that tesla alone sold more than three times the number of cars sold by other companies combined.

Tesla has been able to build its brand for consistent development and has won the hearts of many through consistency in building up fresh ideas. Tesla was the first to get into the model of making electric vehicles and so many other companies have tried to compete with the brand and also hit the market, before the launch of the competing brands there were lots of shows to warn Tesla about its impending doom but I guess Tesla has stolen the heart of its buyers already and no other auto mobile company that has dived into the making of electric cars have been able to come anywhere close to even meeting up to the standard Tesla has set, but other automobile industries are still coming up with ideas that will hit the market soon.

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Tesla Car Models Remain Loved.

Tesla is seeing just beyond making and selling of vehicles, it is a vehicle that plans for the future.
Tesla has a specific secret to its car models that make them different from other electric cars that have been produced.
The highly charismatic leader of Tesla- Elon musk is a great image behind the Tesla product irrespective of the numerous criticism, he appears unmoved.

Every automobile industry that must exist in China must have to partner with China’s governmental system but Tesla broke the record as it was the first automobile industry that was given the permission for production without partnership with the government of China, but China seem to be on its way to build its own version of Tesla due to the economic downturn.

Tesla electric car industry has broken a record that other car industries are trying to catch up with and no one knows what will happen next, do you think Tesla motors will remain the king of electric cars despite the fast rise of production from other car companies? I also do not think a lot of people are ready for electric cars just yet.


Mehn these are not just cars but machines. Only God knows what will happen in few years to come with these Innovatiins going wild.

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