Technological Extinctions - Technologies that will go extinct soon

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It is very difficult to predict the technology that will take over the world as innovations come in different ways but with one motive, to make life easier and make missions accomplished easily but it is quite easy to tell previous tech will go into extinction due to the release of a new tech and its acceptability by the masses. Did you remember the days when you use a VCR player to watch that black and white television? A lot of people will not forget that, so even had to predict the color of the cloths the people on screen wore. As time goes by, it was gradually replaced by the VCD then the DVD player and now, most people prefer to pay for a cable subscription or watch the movie online.

There are always innovations which always replaces older ones while there are some innovations that do not see the light of the day less replace an older one. In the post, I will be writing about a few technologies that will be displaced in the future.

Keys and Manual Locks

In the future, your grandchildren will bring a metallic or plastic object (in the case of cars) asking what it is and you will let them know it is a key. They will ask what type of keys are those because the keys they will know will be online passwords and accesses? You will then explain the chronicles of using a key to open the doors and what happens if you lock the main and spare key inside the house or when you misplace your keys. Technology is improving really fast and the use of voice command and machine learning is going to bring a difference to opening locks in doors, using biometrics is already being used and soon biometric opening of doors will be the next big thing to keys.

images - 2020-05-16T095613.737.jpeg

Side Mirrors

In the nearest future in maybe 10 years, we will be saying good bye to mirror-less cars. Drivers will not have to worry about looking at the mirror and escaping a near crash due to ide mirrors. Companies are working on cars without side mirrors and Audi and BMW is one of the. Instead of using side mirrors to view by looking sideways, the cars will have cameras that will project what is happening behind and beside to the driver inside the car. The software system built to the cameras will have the ability to warn drivers of any near hit from the rear or the side.

images - 2020-05-16T095737.540.jpeg

Fossil Fuel Running Cars

Tesla is doing well in this area with electric cars. In England, almost every home will soon be equipped with electric vehicle chargers in an effort to make all mode of transportation environmentally friendly and reduce pollution in 2025.

Remote Controls

Almost all home has a remote control for their television, decoder, air conditioner and lots more but with time, with the internet of things and artificial intelligence, we will not be needing the remotes anymore as you can just give your gadget a simple command and it will obey. It will be a full smart home in every home.

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Cash and Credit card

I cannot say when cryptocurrency will take over the normal fiat standard, but it is visible that the world will go cashless completely in a matter of years. MasterCard already introduced the selfie pay method to pay for goods and services. The method of payment only need facial recognition to initiate a transfer.

images - 2020-05-16T100035.547.jpeg


Oh Yes, a lot of people fear needles (Maybe I am one, maybe I’m not one) and do not like going for intravenous treatment. Currently, there are needle free injections known as the Jet injector. The device allow penetration of liquid medicine into the epidermis of the body.

After this list of technology that will be going into extinct, tell which other technology you think will go into extinction.

I can't wait till human laborers are replaced. 🤣

Why will you want that to happen?

Why wouldn't I. Manual labor is the hardest work, while paying less then anything else.

One thing we can be sure of is the fact that no one technology would last forever. Changes and evolution will keep surfacing.

You are correct, innovation keeps happening.

This is a well written post, am still cracking my brain thinking about the one I will love to see. I am also afraid of the Syringe, seeing that innovation helping out will be something great.

Smiles, that part of syringe is what I like too since I am very scared of injections.

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Technology will keep getting more advanced as the day goes by, and many old techs will be replaced by new ones. Actually, any technology that will replace syringes will be so welcomed :)

I tell you, so many of us are scared of syringe already so any technology that will provide a better option is really welcomed.