Is Technology a Curse or Blessing with Regards to Human Consumption?

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I have read so much about the amazing importance and use of technology in the twenty first century and I have also read so much about how technology has added a negative impact in our lives in the twenty first century, there is so much complication between the lines of technology and while so many people see technology in good use, a large group of people also see technology as a bad one.

The advance in technology has always come with different stories attached to it, there have always been a news or rumour linked with any new technology and there are always people who have something bad to say about the technological progress, when mobile phones first came into existence, some parents would not even allow their kids come close to it because they believed it could cause deafness and other very scary stuff back then.


Then I remember how much my baby brother cried to have a video game some years ago and for some very unusual information that my Dad heard it was a blunt refusal and so many parents shared that information amongst themselves and will never allow their children have one, obviously things are changing gradually but there is still a belief in the minds of some people about how bad and terrible every advancement in technology is.

I think the fight should not be about technology, the fight should rather have to do with individuals and the question should be HOW WELL DO WE KNOW HOW TO CONTROL OURSELVES FROM FALLING INTO THE CATEGORY OF THOSE WHO ABUSE TECHNOLOGY.


Let us consider social media for instance, it has become a great tool for the financial stability of so many people, it has become a great access for the sharing of information and the gaining of valuable information at a very low cost but we cannot also ignore the fact that it has become a tool of DEPRESSION which led to suicide for a lot of people, it has become an instrument that has made people drift away from their purpose and desire and it has become an instrument for a broken relationship.

The categories of people described above, have different stories and experience to share about social media if asked and this is a clear example to show that the effect of technology on humans has nothing to do with the technology itself, it however has to do with the individuals who make use of the technology.


I will like to end this post with a question that we have to ask ourselves, how smart are we to make the decisions that concerns the technological use and do we have the discipline to control ourselves from using the technological instruments excessively?


Technology is a double-edged sword, it depends upon how it is used.

It is basically neutral yet can be either used for positive or negative purposes. We see this with the simple example of fire: it can be used to cook food or burn down villages.

Social media started out positive but turned quickly into the negative influence it is now. Hopefully Web 3.0 will right some of the drawbacks of the past/present.

It is also vital to know that technology is what led to the advance of humanity. Whenever we progress, it is due to technological progress. This is true whether it is the tool, fire, wheel, or internet.

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