Are you cool or scared with the fast growth of artificial intelligence?

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Artificial intelligence is growing more popular, it is getting smarter and developed with every day that passes, some of us are really excited about the improvement caused by A.I while some of us are scared of what A.I can do to our world.

Artificial intelligence already has eaten deep into the societal system, it informs us about upcoming events and environmental hazards, it tells us what is necessary to buy and places where we can get them, it does well to also translate our languages properly and even teach us new languages if we desire to learn.


Some Scientists that have warned about Artificial Intelligence.

According to Stephen Hawking, the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.

A letter written by Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and dozens of artificial intelligence expert signed an open letter on artificial intelligence. The letter affirmed that the society can reap great potential benefits from artificial intelligence, but called for concrete research on how to prevent certain potential pitfalls. Wikipedia.

With all of the fast and tremendous development that Artificial Intelligence has caused to our society, what then happens when these method of intelligence begins to think for itself, when it begins to make things for itself without necessarily waiting for human commands? With the rate of fast A.I growth, it is inevitable for Artificial intelligence to take over the world completely, although it may not happen now or 100 years to come but certainly it is going to happen.

Some professional fields are already having machines replace human efforts for example the role of a driver, the role of the innocent pizza delivery boy, the role of the customer care representative, the role of the security guard and other relevant roles are being replaced quickly and it might get to a time when machines will begin to take the place of good doctors, sound engineers and even a great lawyer (Insane right, but that is what humanity is moving towards).


Someone then asked a question, if machines finally replaces human effort totally will these machines be merciful enough to keep humans alive since we created them or will they consider humans as a threat and just destroy us without pity? And another person gave a reply that these machines may just begin to treat us the same way we treat ants.

Artificial intelligence will become a very strong force that will not be affected with age or gender related diseases, it is not going to die either so the best way to help the situation will be to program the machine in a way that it has the best values of life instilled in it (if that is going to help in anyway), this post really got me thinking about so many things, what about you: Are you scared of the improvement of A.I or are you just cool with it?


Hello friend, the truth is that it is something that worries many people, but I sincerely think that they will never be able to replace us. The brain that a robot may have will never be like ours. Not everything can be replaced. But maybe that's something we won't see.

I think so too, it may happen with generation's after we are long gone

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I'm worried more about its leveraged power in warfare than its affect on peoples jobs. Me and some friends were discussing this topic a few years back and one of them brought up how labor has changed over the millennia; while agriculture took up the bulk of labor in past millennia it has now been automated considerably, requiring a fraction of the laborers it used and fraction of the labor force. In its place new fields that didn't exist have shown up.

Its use in warfare is what worries me. Its already been applied in numerous locations (see the United States Air Force trials of Falco) and found to be far superior to humans. With Turkey and other nations scaling up their use of drones in conflict, its only a matter of time until we enter another arms race; AI will provide an incredible amount of fuel to that fire.

Greetings @ajewa, many things have been said regarding AI, and as there are always positive and negative things, for example, as you express us many machines have replaced the human effort in some productive areas, therefore, the important thing to analyze a proper balance between the application of AI in our lives, in my case I would be more afraid of the ambition of man than the machines themselves, ambition that in opportunities makes them forget that they are human beings.

Good article, thanks for sharing it with all of us. Successes.

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