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hi all,

i'm chibu , a founding member of future modern. we're an interdisciplinary worker cooperative network of artists, technologists, researchers and organizers. our mission is to drive mass adoption of humanity's most radical innovations by shaping them for society's most revolutionary communities. day to day, we leverage art, culture, service, and social justice to deliver advancements such as blockchain and artificial intelligence to the masses so that they liberate all of us, not just a few of us.

our members spent time at such institutions as caltech, uchicago, duke, berkeley, usc, ucla, bird rides, microsoft, columbia records, mad decent records, complex magazine, blackrock, ontraport, red table talks, and the los angeles department of water and power .


our core operations go through the following loop:

  • move revolutionary leaders to revolutionary spaces. move our members off of major corporate-run platforms, and into emerging more democratically run tech and markets. these new networks provide benefits to our members and community such as fairer pay to creators, censorship resistance, and sophisticated crowdfunding capabilities. For example, our musical artists distribute their catalogs through decentralized, artist-owned streaming services like Resonate and Audius.
  • take our community with us. in working with these alternative structures, migrate our networks, followings and communities to them as well while identifying possible improvements. we further promote the benefits of these alternatives to audiences via direct engagements, like live demos, TED-style lecture / story series / podcasts, workshops, livestreaming events, and more.
  • bridge the gaps between the new and old world. develop programs to pursue these improvement, bringing more contributors and communities to join them, driving a virtuous cycle of adoption. as these projects are largely community developed and often welcome contributions from outside their core developers, our technologists can lead the charge to bring the functional changes our communities have called for. when systems lack specific functions creators need, deliver the technical and product contributions needed to make those functions available; when existing systems don’t meet a need at all, build our own

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we have programs underway in different stages of early development in the fields of music, housing, visual arts, and more.


aeria is a reimagined way of connecting artists, fans, and partners by dynamically visualizing music ecosystems as knowledge maps, or webs of related concepts, rather than just a feeds or streams of unrelated content. with aeria, AI augments the experience of music discovery, rather than automates it, skipping shady recommendation algorithms to visualize the connections between content for powering immersive, human-led music world exploration. our goal is to make machine knowledge accessible to everyone, enabling every artist to find and execute on opportunities at scale without a label.

most recently, decentralized music streaming service Audius has agreed to provide aeria a grant to develop an automatic tempo and key detector for their protocol. the data we acquire from providing them this ability will then feed our own standalone services. we've also formed a relationship with the community-owned streaming cooperative Resonate, toward partnering to create a human-led, visualized AI-augmented guided discovery experience for music browsing and listening. we aim to become the open standard for content search and discovery on the new decentralized networks.

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e-state is a truth-incentivized, crowdsourced protocol for real estate information, investment, and governance. what will start as a decentralized yelp for living spaces and landlords, we will leverage into a consensus-based mechanism for disenfranchised communities to invest and own equity in their own neighborhoods.

the goal is to give people a voice against oppressive landlords and living situations, reducing the information and therefore power asymmetry inherent in the real estate industry and giving communities bargaining power to negotiate fairer and more affordable living conditions.

e-state will establish transparency and freedom of information in housing, opening the door to revolutionary new relationships between communities and real estate. at the heart of these new relationships will lie a next phase of the protocol that issues an indivisible, or non-fungible, token against each property logged onto the network. These programmable tokens will enable frictionless, disintermediated, exotic real estate transactions at global scale, with applications to “smart” homes and more. They will eventually free long-term residents to buy fractional equity in their own neighborhoods at no minimum investment.

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new emerging content networks, such as the one this blog post is posted in, have a different model of operation in which the people who use them run them and keep the profits they generate rather than shareholders. these networks, collectively referred to as "web3", pay creators their fair share, resist censorship, and enable old and new forms of value exchange on a global scale, they are clearly the way forward for art workers, collectors and appreciators.

these revolutionary technologies need revolutionary artists as their champions, particularly black, brown, feminized, poor and working artists, working with these technologies and getting their communities comfortable and familiar with them. these are the people both most in need of more free and open mediums of exchange, and at the same time best positioned to embrace them and spread them to the broader culture.

to that end, we've begun artel, a web3-enabled art collective and art wealth group. artel is currently about 15 established, accomplished underground, independent and DIY artists across music, illustration, painting, photography, design, fashion, film, furniture, video games, memes and other mediums to share and exchange their work through consensus technologies and applications.

this initiative is in its early stages, but we've started showcasing our works on social media and blogging sites across the monetized web. we want introduce ourselves to the consensus art world toward printing and selling non-fungible tokens tied to our artworks

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Hello @afuturemodern.

Thank you for posting within our hive.

Please spare few minutes and read how project.hope is organized and learn about our economy.

That would help you understand more our goals and how are we trying to achieve them. Hopefully you will join our community and become strong part of it :)

Do you use telegram or discord? If you do then join our server and give me a shout. I would gladly share with you goals of our community and introduce to others from our team.

Our discord server: https://discord.gg/uWMJTaW

Regards, @juanmolina
@project.hope co-founder

hi juan,

project hope sounds exactly up the future modern alley.

we would love to join as content creators, having members across the scientific, technological, economics and business disciplines.

i have followed up on telegram and will follow up on discord to discuss more.

thank you for reaching out! 😀

we would love to join as content creators, having members across the scientific, technological, economics and business disciplines.

Doors are open.
Show us what you are made of.
Only your actions will speak for you.

i graduated from Caltech and most recently worked at Bird Rides, the fastest ever unicorn startup, so those are some of my actions :)

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I mean, actions into PH, dear friend.
we do not request credentials from anyone.

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