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RE: I have decided to give something more... WTF is this?!

in Project HOPElast year

Great to read your post @forykw. It's nice to see that New Zeeland is showing the world that Covid can be beaten... Here in Switzerland we are also quite well off in this respect. We have about 20 new cases per day which is bearable. I'm back at work as well.

It's great that you delegate 10k HP to project.hope. I've been around this community since it's very beginning and during all the crises on the blockchains, this project has always been a place of refuge and constance where building and creating was always put before the sometimes destructive energies that were waging...


I have a friend that is living there... As it looks is not as a big deal as it "was" here... but good to know that things are going by... stay safe.