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RE: Loosing the human touch - Pandemic and Drones.

in Project HOPElast year

I like and I hate drones at the same time. On one hand they come at hand, on the other they play against us. First of all I don't like that drones are able to spy on us and that they can even be used in military action. Who knows what will happen in the future if one doesn't obey the government anymore. To such deliveries the downside that I see is taking out the human workforce and human interaction which is still esential for us humans.


Somehow we are moving towards robotic the human influence is already reducing...i remember in my last company we lay of 8 out of 10 people of scanning and indexing team.... The bots has already started in minimising the manpower. Big corporates too is ready to switch over to bots thereby reducing the manpower cost and getting benefitted.

Sad to hear that. People should care about other people and less about money.

But the companies are in favour of reducing their operating cost...which is getting replaced through bots and AI module. Every vig companies like Infosys, Accenture ,TCS and many more are working in this direction.....sadly it's people career which is under the sword.