Art and Science, an LMAC Special - Teaming up with STEMsocial

in Let's Make a Collagelast year

Hello everyone, glad to be participating here and This is my entry for Arts and Sciences - LMAC Special Contest: in collaboration with STEMsocial. Hope it will be interesting to see.


Here are some photos I used to complete my collage in this week's contest:

Contributed to the #LIL By @donroberts

Contributed to the #LIL By @quantumg

Contributed to the #LIL By @justclickindiva


Contributed to the #LIL By @justclickindiva



Hello @zubett. I love the vibrant color image you used for inside the ball. Your theme of an explorer checking out some type of detail is interesting. I like how you transformed my fractal into this red ball of mass confusion. I love dark themes, and this one is my favorite. Thanks for including one of my fractals in your theme. I appreciate it and your support.

Good luck in the contest. Take care.