Art and Science, an LMAC/STEMsocial Special - Winner Announcement!

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This Week's Highlights & Announcements:

🌌 LMAC/STEMsocial Art & Science Special - "Dark Matter" was an amazing success with more than 160 collage entries!

🌟 Huge prize pool with 202 HIVE to award winners in this round!

⚛️ The winner of the STEMsocial special prize will be announced within the next days

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Hello Hivers, Hello LMACians!

Yesterday's poll to choose the winners of the LMAC/STEMsocial Art & Science Special has just been closed and the community has decided on the distribution of 202 HIVE in prizes!

👉 Note that this round's special prize will be awarded by a dedicated STEMsocial jury and announced in a separate post!

And now, join us in applauding this round's fantastic winners! 👏👏👏

First Place: 30.30 HIVE

Second Place: 26.26 HIVE

Third Place: 22.22 HIVE

Fourth Place: 18.18 HIVE

Fifth Place: 14.14 HIVE

Top 10: 12.12 HIVE (if eligible*)





Top 15: 6.06 HIVE (if eligible*)






Template image

Credits: Jeremy Thomas (public domain)

All Contest Entries

Thank you all for your engagement, by creating these awesome collages and joining the polls!

See you all back tomorrow, in LMAC Round 112!

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Congratulation to everyone! I really like participating in this and even more being in the top 10 😅

I didn't know LMAC before and I will really put more interest into it, seems to be a great community!!

Thank you all very much for your support, thank you very much and very happy, millions of thanks. Congratulations to the winners.

Super bueno que felicidad!, Muchas gracias a todo el jurado por los resultados😃👏👏🙌

Hello. Thanks so much for the notification of my Top 10 win. I'm thrilled that so many LMAC and other Hive members liked my theme this round.

Congratulations to all other winners this round. Take care, and have a good rest of your week.

Amazing round, and collaboration between LMAC & STEM.

Congrats to all the winners 👍
and I am made up that my art placed amoung the top 10 🙂

Thanks Shaka and shout outs to all artists in this awesome community.

I am very happy to be among the winners of this fantastic science/art special. Thank you for your support and congratulations to all the winners!
See you next time! 😎

Congratulations to all of the winners! The level of imagination in this round was incredible. Great works by many artists. See you in the next round, my friends.


Thank you @shaka.

And congrats to all! This round was certainly special.

Greetings excellent collages, congratulations to all the winners, the participants and the entire team of @shaka and stemsocial for the support. See you in the next contest

Muchas felicidades a los finalistas y ganadores en especial a @eve66.


Felicitaciones para todos los ganadores.
Este round fue increíble! Los collages estuvieron fantásticos!

Wow, how nice! This is really great! I'm very grateful to be no. 2. It was a real fun and interactive experience!

Congrats to all

Oh!!!!!! Estoy totalmente feliz.
Hay hermosos y profundos trabajos en esta selección, una muestra de la belleza que desplegó este tema. Fue una conjunción feliz está de #lmac - #stemsocial.
@eve66 confeccionó un vestido de materia oscura y le puso rostro a los misterios del espacio-tiempo; @michelmake arriesgó una propuesta artística y teórica; @edgarafernandezp nos contó la inmensidad que nos rodea; @lagatayarit le puso corazón a la materia oscura...

@raj808 nos presentó multiverso; @enzor nos mostró el agujero negro primordial; @justclickindiva la descompuso en fractales; @yaciris la escenificó; @seckorama la envolvió en evanescentes formas coloridas; @muelli nos mostró el mundo girando en su propia materia oscura, indiferente a las aventuras del Enterprise; @galart la multiplicó; @andre-marg25 nos mostró el origen; @shenzi nos puso a navegarla con un faro
convertido en una nave espacial; y @brittandjosie mostró la materia oscura dentro de nosotros.
De verdad disfruté esta ronda. Gracias, @shaka y equipo de @lmac; gracias @lemouth y demás jueces de @stemsocial por crear la oportunidad.

Y gracias a quienes usaron mi muñequito de #lil y a quienes votaron mi modesta propuesta de arte.

Thanks a lot for your participation as well! I count on you for the next edition of the contest :)

Seguro! 😁



I appreciate your support as always.

 last year (edited)

Thank you very much for the award, it is an honor for me.

And a huge personal challenge to represent my vision about dark matter in an artwork.

Thank you very much for the support for my collage.

As always congratulations to all the winners and participants of this #LMAC Community.

Congratulations to the organizers @shaka and @stemsocial @lemouth and the jury.

The most creative and participative community in #Hive where your efforts will always be rewarded and where all artists have a place.

It was an honour for us too. Congrats to you for how you managed this, and I am looking forward to future editions of an LMAC-STEMsocial contest!

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These are great collages! Congratulations to all 👏👏👏

Creatividad más alla del tiempo, el espacio y la estrellas, premiación muy merecida!. Todos los trabajos son obras de arte!

Felicidades a los ganadores. Excelente collage @eve66 lo mereces.


Congratulations to the Winners of this Round of Science & Art

Did you ever see such a week? I worried that our artists would be stumped by dark matter. How short-sighted I was. This may have been our most spectacular week yet. I congratulate and celebrate everyone who placed in the finals, and everyone whose work is featured on our "Wall".

I wish I had more days and hours to leave a comment to all the collages, this round was spectacular.

Congratulations to all and to @eve66 who won the first place


Congratulations to the winners!
Excellent collage @eve66 !!!