Art and Science, an LMAC Special - Teaming up with STEMsocial

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Welcome to an Art & Science Special by STEMsocial & Let's Make a Collage!

Art and science are natural companions. Both disciplines can only advance through skills, experience and creativity! It is deeply rooted in human nature to process and understand the world through art and science. From the first cave paintings to our understanding of the cosmos - art and science led us all the way. To celebrate the deep connection between science and art, we partnered up with Hive's STEMsocial community for an LMAC Special!

⚛️ In this LMAC special we ask all participants to interpret the exciting theme of dark matter and let this fascinating substance materialize as a collage.

💡 To learn about the scientific background of dark matter, read 👉 this great review article by @lemouth, renowned particle physicist and founder of the STEMsocial community. In this very interesting article you will surely find some inspiration for how to tackle this dark matter challenge!

Before jumping into it, feel invited to visit the the STEMsocial Discord server to interact with the team and creators of this exciting community:

⭐️⭐️⭐️ STEMsocial aims to provide, on Hive, a space for STEM experts and passionate bloggers to freely share their knowledge in a great social media environment. In other words, our goal is to build a unique way to communicate about the STEM disciplines. We feature all kinds of STEM articles delivered by our community members, and we are happy to be able to learn day after day about the specific topics brought by our authors. In order to learn more about us, feel free to visit our community tag on Hive.

🚨 STEMSocial will sponsor a special prize for this challenge (see below) and support all rule-compliant entries with their community trail too! 👏👏👏 Never was it more worthwhile to join the fun!

❗️ As always, we encourage all participants to use LIL assets in their collages and will provide additional rewards for doing so:

👉 👈

  • For each LIL-asset used, the corresponding LIL-contributors are expected to be added as 2% beneficiary each in the respective LMAC entry!
  • In turn, collages using LIL-assets will be supported with a higher vote weight by our trail!

We hope that many of you will dive into the LIL to find images for your next collage.

👩‍⚖️ As our guest judge for this week please welcome @queenstarr! Starr's collages scored highest in the previous two round's of the LMAC and thus she will support our standing jury in nominating the finalists of this round.

And now, let's get this started!

Can you "see" the dark matter in this image? How do you interprete the appearance of this elusive substance? Show us what you see out there in hiding. Your imagination is the only limit!

[Credits: Jeremy Thomas (public domain)]

Click 👉 here for a HiRes version of this template.

❗️ If you are new to this contest, please have a look at the contest rules below!


  • 🥇 First Place: 30.30 HIVE
  • 🥈 Second Place: 26.26 HIVE
  • 🥉 Third Place: 22.22 HIVE
  • 4️⃣ Fourth Place: 18.18 HIVE
  • 5️⃣ Fifth Place: 14.14 HIVE
  • Top 6-10: 12.12 HIVE
  • Top 11-15: 6.06 HIVE

*Eligible to receive from the LMAC's community prize pool are only those winners who have set the LMAC as 20% beneficiary in their respective entry posts.

🌟STEMsocial Special Prize

A STEMsocial jury made of @gentleshaid, @lemouth and @mobbs will select the best entry according to STEMsocial. This entry will be used in various upcoming STEMsocial posts, and its author will be set as a 5% to 10% beneficiary for all these posts.

➡️ Entry deadline is February 7, end of day (midnight UTC)!


  • The above template needs to be the starting point for any further modification. It is provided for free use without any copyright protection.
  • 📌 Entries need to set the @lmac account as 20% beneficiary to receive support from our trail and to be eligible to receive contest prizes.
  • 📌 Entries need to be posted to the LMAC community.
  • 📌 Submissions need to be linked as a comment to this post.
  • 📌 Any graphical element that is added to the template either needs to
    • be your own original work, or
    • derive from the LIL, or
    • derive from one of the 👉 whitelisted public domain image services!.
  • 📌 Include the #creativecoin tag to benefit from additional curation through a 70k CCC delegation to the @lmac account by the Creative Coin Fund.
  • ❗️We highly encourage all participants to use LIL assets in their collages and will provide additional rewards for doing so:
    • For each LIL-asset used, the corresponding LIL-contributors are expected to be added as 2% beneficiary each in the respective LMAC entry!
    • In turn, collages using LIL-assets will be supported with a higher vote weight by our trail!
  • ❗️ Sources for all used materials need to be provided in your entry post. Otherwise your entry can NOT be put up for the final vote.
  • All sort of editing, modification and/or manipulation is allowed as long as no copyright is affected.
  • ❗️❗️❗️By submitting your contribution you warrant that your artwork is in your sole ownership and that is free of any copyrighted material. Every participant in the LMAC contest further agrees to hand over their artwork into the public domain and that it can be copied, modified and distributed by others, even for commercial purposes, without requiring further permission.

📢 >>> <<< 📢

The STEMSocial and LMAC communities are very much looking forward to receive your contributions!

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This is such an intriguing contest. The Partnership between LMAC & STEMsocial for this contest series is awesome🌌🔥🎨🖌️
Thank you so much @shaka & Team for the rare privilege of being a guest judge. Appreciate the honour and I look forward to seeing LMACians boss this combo with their great creative minds.
Love & Light🤍

Welcome @queenstarr! This will be a special round of the contest, I am sure you're going to choose great works of art. 👍

Thank you so much. I look forward to the entries and excited💕🤗


This will be fun! :D

¡Qué emocionante es esto!
El tema es apasionante.
Veremos mucho en esta ronda, y sé que será hermosa.
¡Suerte para todos amigos!
Gracias @lmac Y @stemsocial por hacerlo posible.

something tells me to participate


This sounds quite exciting already. Bring it on.


Awesome this Art & Science Special. Nice partnered up with Hive's STEMsocial community. This is my entry and good luck to all participants.

Title: The dark matter in her eyes | La materia oscura en sus ojos.

Title: Galaxies collision | Colisión de galaxias

Holaaa amigoss, después de un tiempo he vuelto para participar en este especial.

Mi entrada!!!


My entry to: Art and Science, an LMAC Special - Teaming up with STEMsocial

Here is my entry for LMAC Special Contest. Let’s check this out:

Tagged to honorable judges @gentleshaid, @lemouth, and @mobbs

I went to your entry love the tank , good luck winning the prizes available

¡Hola! Aquí está mi participación en esta emocionante ronda. Estoy segura de que es un espectáculo digno de verse. ¡Suerte para todos!!!

I already visited your entry , good luck this week


I visited your blog good luck in the contest this week

Thank You @brittandjosie good luck to you this week too

I visited your blog great work and good luck in the contest

Great, thanks for checking out my blog.

I just found out about this contest now. I Have a lot of art projects that look similar to this. Would have been cool to share them here. Hopefully next time I can participate.

Thanks for your contribution to the STEMsocial community. Feel free to join us on discord to get to know the rest of us!

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Hey @shaka, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

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Its so creepy good, i wish you luck i went and visited your entry and voted

Love the scene , good luck in the contest i visited your entry and voted

Great that you used a moving element, i visited your entry good luck this week

Thank you @brittandjosie

We all end in the black hole , good luck i visited your entry and i like it

Long time no see, but I am back with some creativity. Here is my entry entitled Dreaming Girl into Dark Matter:


that is an interesting cooperation @shaka - I miss you on Discord and the exchanges back 5 years ago :-)

This dark science fiction space trash stuff is my candidate for this week. 😎
HERE I bring light to the dark matter.
Good luck to all!

space trash final.jpg

I love the header picture! Great design. The collages are pouring in. I think our artists are inspired by the collaboration.

This is going to be fun!

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We choose the same lil's hahaha thats great , i visited your entry
Good luck in the contest

Hope these drives the STEM price further - I got a large chunk and just left it with delegation.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the amazing entries to Dark Matter.
My entry:

What a great picture and a great idea for this week's contest. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Here is my entry for Art and Science, an LMAC Special - Teaming up with STEMsocial:

This my entry...

hello #Lmacians and # Lil, today I am presenting my participation in a contes...

🤩 going to hit 1000 likes

Hello @shaka this my entry...

hello #Lmacians and # Lil how are you all my friends, today I am presenting m...

My entry..
Hello everyone, today I want to participate in "Art and Science, LMAC Special...

Hi, My entry

Look at me

When you look at me, you will understand that I am the base of the Universe, I am the everything and the nothing.

Hello, this is my entry. I hope you like it. Thank You